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Reactive early game with enchant/voltron theme. Killian lets you play cards that generally have too high CMC for traditional decks, which opens up so many possibilities. Looking to keep this a bit lower-powered (i.e. no Replenish), but I still want some spikey cards like Hatred. Open to any suggestions and preferably cards to remove to replace them. Thanks for checking out the list!

  • Killian can’t reduce the colored mana requirement of a spell’s mana cost.
  • Killian can reduce alternative costs. For example, if you choose to pay the alternative cost for Baleful Mastery while targeting a creature, that cost would be reduced to .
  • If a spell has additional costs, apply those increases before applying cost reductions. For example, Silence the Believers will only get discounted once regardless of how many creature you target with Strive.
  • Killian only discounts spells targeting Creatures and not Creature Cards, meaning you can't discount spells that target creatures in the graveyard.
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