Faith Unbroken

Faith Unbroken

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When Faith Unbroken enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Faith Unbroken leaves the battlefield.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2.

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Faith Unbroken Discussion

NorinTheWise on I'm either crazy Aura genius!

2 months ago


  1. Soul Tithe: This card is really narrow. If the game piece is part of their win condition they will just pay. Many threats are not high in mana cost. It mainly acts as removal for mana rocks or early game pieces.

  2. Bound in Gold: Minimus Containment was just printed and is by far the superior. I have found that triggered abilities tend to be as or more threatening than activated abilities. "Loses all abilities" vs. "can"t activate abilities" is a HUGE difference.

  3. Faith Unbroken: This is too risky. It creates a potential for huge loss on your part with little loss on the opponents. They can now use creature removal to get rid of the enchantment, which is always easier. Then you lose your creature, enchantment, and give them theirs back. It's also expensive to cast!

  4. Coalition Flag: I have looked at this countless times and this is the first time I put together the fact that it also redirects good targeting abilities as well as bad! Someone forgets it's their and casts Colossification, Boom! You have the biggest creature on the board! I always thought of it as a single time protection for your better creature from a Path to Exile single target removal style effect. I will look into this, maybe play test it a bit.

MindAblaze on

1 year ago

Faith Unbroken has its uses.

MindAblaze on Got that Kestia type beat

1 year ago

Have you seen All That Glitters?

Also; Faith Unbroken has been great for me. Exile a pesky blocker and a pump? Sure. 4 is a touch expensive though, but I find usually by the time you’re ready to swing that and a Rancor or other one/two drop is nicely on curve.

Fleda on The Seeker of Heaven [Bruna, EDH]

1 year ago

From personal experience with Bruna, be careful with mass removal. Nothing sucks more than spending six mana on your commander only to have to wrath her away because she can't get in and you're gonna die to the creatures you can't get past. Heavily recommend Winds of Rath if you can get a copy. For just one mana more than Wrath of God we can ignore Bruna and any other enchanted creature we might have (I see that it is in you maybeboard, let me know if you've tried it and found it lackluster or just can't find a copy).

Have you given any thought the the many umbra cards (Eel Umbra and friends)? I know you want to keep the aura section lean, but these kinds of auras can keep your creatures more alive than they might be while also making them scarier.

Lastly, Faith Unbroken is cool. It is a bit clunky mana wise, but it also removed a creature while making something bigger.

Feel free to ignore any suggestions, I just like talking about Bruna. :D

Fleda on Bruna, Light of Absolution

1 year ago

I know you want to avoid the full-on voltron package, but how does Faith Unbroken sound? As it is creature removal on an aura, so you can grab it with things like Heliod's Pilgrim if you really need a piece of removal (a bit costly, mana wise, but sometimes you just need Doom Blade), and you can even toss it into play off a Bruna trigger if you need to snag a blocker or something that is making combat difficult. Just a thought.

My own Bruna deck is more balls to the walls voltron than the average deck (Lion's Eye Diamond and everything, I have a problem), but I do love me some control. I'd be very interested to hear how your deck performs.

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