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I started this deck from the preconstructed "Undead Unleash" from Midnight Hunt. I, then, changed a few cards with other I had from previews deck.

The Goal of the deck is pretty simple: create an army of zombies, both token and not token, eat creatures from graveyards with The Scarab God and making damages in my upkeep with his ability and kill with combat.

I'm a pretty inexperienced player and new to the commander format. I played this deck at my lgs a few times now and although I'm quite satisfied with creatures and overall performance I think this deck needs some improvements.

What I find expecially lacking is ability to draw cards in the late game and on the other side handling my opponents and find helpful response to what they do. Mana in another area that surely needs some tweaking, I play 40 lands which is a lot but sometimes I find myself stuck because I can't find any mana to play.

So, I need help, feel free to comment and give me suggestions about what needs to change, which cards needs to go and which need to go in. Thanks! :-*


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