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Ephara is a 6/5 indestructible God for UW2. Unless you have a devotion of 7 azorius mana symbols she ist not a creature. Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control (on your opponents turns as well) you draw a card in the upkeep of the next player. This grants us a huge card advantage. The good thing is, that most people see it as the threat that it really is. It is one card here and there and it´s not seven cards in one turn. But it´s very consistent and you rarely run out of gas. ´Cause of the indestructibility Ephara rarely leaves the battlefield. Most of the time she is also save from spot removal like Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile, because she is just no creature most of the time. But if your devotion is high enough she can turn into a beater that is a real threat. Due to her cheap mana cost your value engine starts turn three and sometimes turn two. From that moment on Ephara will be a good general and won´t let you down easily.
Do you like slow but unstoppable advantage?

Are you a person who make longterm plans?

Do you like having the control and rarely lose it?

Are you the type of person who never ever give up and stands up every time, when smashed to the ground?

Defeat is not want you want from life?

Playing Ephara is exactly like that. You are building your game, not fast but consistent. People will underestimate the power of Value and Patience. You have the answers to most problems you face within the game. And most of the time you will overcome and outvalue your opponents. Ephara is building an own civilization and rise to the top of the game.

Pro: You like long games

very resilient

azorius is your favourite color combination

not the „typical“ control deck

you like creatures

value, value, value

can answer most board states and is very flexible

you enjoy seeing what other decks are capable of, but still be able to defeat them (mostly)

Contra: you like fast combo decks

you don´t like creatures

you like jund more

slow ramp

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Combo Peregrin Drake, Eldrazi Displacer → infinite flicker/ Mana

Combo Peregrin Drake( Nykthos), Ghostly Flicker, Archaeomancer → inifnite flicker/ Mana

Combo Reveillark, Karmic guide, Bribery (someone will have a sac outlet)

Elesh Norn SMASH

Felidar Retreat SMASH

Venser, the Sojourner + Gilded Drake

Venser, the Sojourner +Archaeomancer + Wrath

Archaeomancer + Time Wipe

Archaeomancer + Evacuation

Sun Titan + Fetch Lands = Titan Ramp

Sun Titan + Fetch Lands + Felidar Retreat/ Field of the dead

Sun Titan+ Strip Mine

Commit/ Memory + Smothering Tithe or Hullbreacher

This list is not complete or will ever be complete. Just a few cards, that are very nice. I played most of them and still change the original Decklist with these cards. Seems like this ist my personal "Commander Sideboard" ;-)

Charming Prince --> cheap mana cost and very flexible. Great flicker target with relevant abilities. Fun fact: Considered him for his lifegain, cause sometimes i run low on life and then i have to play under great pressure, which is not funny. His flicker ability is very nice for example with Phyrexian Metamorph. They can flicker each other and you have a save creature drop every turn and that means massive carddraw and that means your opponents will have a hard time.

Niambe, Esteemed Speaker --> flashy girl, which triggers Ephara. Can protect important creatures. Mostly in here for Lifegain, but the carddraw is sometimes relavant. Also imagine a Situation where you discard Elesh Norn say turn 4 for carddraw and reanimate it with Karmic Guide turn 5. Same Situation is possible 1-2 turns earlier.

Angel's Grace --> Awesome card. Cause of Split Second nobody can counter it. In my Meta there is the Thassa's Oracle/ Demonic Consultation Combo but with this little card you can destroy such embarrassing dreams for fast power plays ;-). The best thing about this card is that it´s not like Teferi´s Protection and is put into exile when hitting graveyard. So you can recurr it. Which means with flickering Archaeomancer (through Soulherder for Example) you will be invincible and give your Opponents a very hard time killing you.

Meddling Mage --> Choose Opponents Commander. Classic Dick move but very effective against Commander reliant decks. If you know your meta choose Combo pieces.

Vendillion Clique --> flashy guy. Targeting a players Hand is always good especially when there is a heavier control deck

Ephara is my favourite deck to play, cause it win´s not to fast, is hard to play against but not annoying, and you can do awesome stuff with it. So if you want to try it out have fun!


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