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Within these walls, we will outlast them!

Commander / EDH Aggro Defender GWU (Bant) Wall



This is a deck that is designed to abuse Arcades, the Strategist's abilities, while protecting you for a long duration of time. Cards with defender typically have high defense for their cost, allowing us to put out a ton of cheap bodies for defense, plus the huge offensive bonuses once Arcades hits the board.

"But...but...but...cards with defender aren't allowed to attack!", said the observant TappedOut Member. Ah, yes. You would be correct in this. But that is why this deck sports two very important cards: High Alert and Assault Formation, in addition to our commander. These will bypass the defender and turn all of your defender-based cards into face smashers.

Suggestions, comments, and up-votes are definitely appreciated! Thanks for looking! :D


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