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Halana and Alena, Totally Just Roommates

Commander / EDH Counters Haste RG (Gruul) Werewolf


The first deck I created in my series of tributes to the commanders my old table played back in the day. Instead of the fierce tribal staple, Tovolar, that seems to draw out the top of a deck easier than passing your turn. I've focused on flavor and effect for Halana and Alena, Partners giving us the horrors, humans, and werewolves of innistrad exclusively and launching them at our opponents buffed up and angy. Every card in this deck has been featured in an Innistrad product and took a ton of effort to make work consistently. Or at least, enough to be playable and fun. I've found myself quite proud of how this first one turned out.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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