Probably my most competitive and consistent commander deck (blue, go figure). The deck focuses on maintaining card advantage and building a board presence of a variety of different permanent types for achieving and maintaining devotion. The deck has a wide range of tools to compete with, and often beat out, multiple different deck archetypes (e.g. aggro, midrange, and control). The goal is to "diversify" the bonds of your own board state to weather the inevitable storm of (most) board wipes in EDH. The motivation for creating the deck goes back to when I played Boros burn in standard during the days of RTR. I would constantly run into mono-blue devotion decks, and really liked Thassa, God of the Sea not only because of the fact she costs 3, but that she's also a 5/5 that grants unblockable.

The primary way the deck wins is by taking multiple turns, and has a means of winning even if your opponent has gained an insane amount of life ( Corrupted Conscience ). The deck also quasi taxes your opponent with cards like Propaganda which provides protection (unless they pay) and Rhystic Study which often yields extra card draw (again, unless they pay). Cards like these generally throw off your opponent's attempt to sit on untapped lands and take a more controlling stance because they will have to yield a benefit of some sort to you in order to do so.

The deck has a few board bounces, which are incredibly useful against token-heavy decks and decks that ramp and get many fatties out earlier than usual, in conjunction with Imprisoned in the Moon to answer your opponent's commander and nullify them unless they have a dual-colored bounce land like Boros Garrison , Dimir Aqueduct , etc or other means of bouncing/destroying any permanent.

The primary creature type within the deck is wizards. Having multiple wizard creatures in the deck synergizes with cards like Azami, Lady of Scrolls , Galecaster Colossus , and Docent of Perfection  . It is also really fun to use Teferi, Temporal Archmage / Minamo, School at Water's Edge to abuse Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and generate double-digit mana.


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