This is a Shadowborn EDH and I'm using Teneb as my Commander since he can pull from any graveyard. I also included a lot of protection for my Apostles with several removal and protection options to counteract effects of artifacts and enchantments with Aura Shards, Swiftfoot Boots, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Bloodbond March, with more waiting in the sideboard. I also have several ways to recall the apostles from the graveyard with Angel of Glory's Rise , Return to the Ranks, and Rise of the Dark Realms. I also have Increasing Devotion and Abhorrent Overlord to help quickly transform Westvale Abbey  Flip . Running three colors can sometimes be tricky so I have Untamed Wilds , Sylvan Caryatid, and Holdout Settlement to fix it a bit with Skyshroud Claim in sideboard.

This is the first time I'm putting up a deck for peer review and the first draft of the deck, so my focus is probably too broad. Feedback to help it be as relentless as possible is welcome!




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