Hello, and welcome to my first deck on this site.

For context, I am an old man in his mid thirties. I played a lot during a bit Mirage, Tempest and Mirrodin-(not Kamigawa)-Ravnica-Time Spiral blocks, leaving and coming back to this wonderful game involving overcosted pieces of paper (with nice art, but come on...). I discovered EDH a few months ago and invested this format with my friends, happy to be able to play our old spoilers.

I really liked the new Jund Commander Korvold, Fae-Cursed King and tried to brew it as a sacrifice/token-centric deck, trying to avoid infinite combos via tutors (I mean, I know there might be infinite combos in the deck, but the main goal is not really to go get them as fast as possible) (for example: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King + Ashnod's Altar + Words of Wilding )

I wanted to do something different that we see all around the internet and did not go down the value road, but went heavy on tokens. The main goal is to kill via commander damages I guess, and there are alt win cons with massive token sacrifices into on-death pingers (that goes "a lot", not infinite), then combo, then regular damage.

I think it's an ok deck but I really struggle when it comes to power level and wanted to ask your opinion on three different subjects:
- Do you think it's too much on theme, and that I lack control/disturbance of my opponent's plan?
- Considering your answer to the 1st question, what would you swap to make it more (or less) on theme?
- Could you give me a rough "note" before and after modifications you'd possibly suggest, on a scale from 1 to 10, of the power level, as I have hard time to tell?

Few precisions on choices I made:
- as I mainly produce token creatures, I avoided Sifter of Skulls / Pawn of Ulamog -esque effects.
- I do not like enchants like Greener Pastures / Awakening Zone / Goblin Assault that I consider (a) too slow and (b) not efficient for their mana cost.
- I have high doubts on some cards that you might fix too, if it's not too much too ask (boots, Golgari Germination as, as previously stated, I mainly produce token creatures, Vulturous Zombie Ulasht, the Hate Seed , Spellbook , and the squirrel sorceries (maybe kinda slow and uneffective (?)) and the Maybe Board.

Really looking forward for any feedback an please try to be positive/explain your point (I'm not an intelligent man). By the way english is not my mothertongue, so I hope this little description is understadable and if you want just to outline how bad my english is, then fu** you. In any case, pardon my french ,)


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