This is my ninja deck, the goal of the deck is to gain control of my opponent's creatures and then attack them with their own creatures, so I can ninjutsu them back to their hand and get my ninjas into play. Whatever I don't want to go back to their hand, I destroy by not attacking and just waiting until the end step for Season of the Witch to take care of them. I can get my ninjas back to my hand, to use again, with Cloudstone Curio . I do have Notion Thief and Time Reversal in the deck to put my opponents in top deck mode. Although this is mean, it's not as bad as Leovold was, RIP. No infinite combos I'm aware of in the deck since our playgroup has outlawed them, so don't suggest any either. Some things I might be looking for are more cards that gain control of stuff or ways for my opponents to bleed life on upkeep or end step, or just from playing cards, essentially ways to slowly drain everyone.


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