Crumble to Dust


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Uncommon

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Crumble to Dust


Devoid (This card has no color.)

Exile target nonbasic land. Search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with the same name as that land and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Crumble to Dust Discussion

Grubbernaut on La bonté au-delà de la vertu

3 days ago

Crumble to Dust seems strictly better than Sowing Salt. One less red mana requirement can matter.

BraxTune on Baralmancer Izzet Modern

4 days ago

Blood Moon has been on my attain-ASAP-board since day one of this build. I think until I can improve upon my land base, it will have to remain there. I've faced tron many times, and besides G/R tron, I've never felt fear. When the proper responses are retained and planned for, saying no becomes kinda straight forward. Humans and U/w control are where I really find the struggle and find myself wishing for a blood moon. But until I can fetch out Islands reliably, I can't see it not destroying my own board state as well.

My early game attempts at land hate Blood Sun, Alpine Moon, and some others never turned very fruitful. With some basic testing(not yet fielded mind you) Crumble to Dust has had some pretty serious effects. I hope it can help me "limp" by for now.

Thank you so much for the upvote! This deck means a lot to me and I am always working hard to improve it!

clayperce on Mwonvuli Takeover

6 days ago

First, the deck looks really fun. A few thoughts though, in no particular order:

  • Land Destruction is not a wincon. If it's working for you, that's awesome. But I worry that 1x Thrun, 1x Nissa, and 1x Strombreath may not be enough to actually close out the game.
  • Your mana- and dork-base would benefit a little from -3x Forest, -1x Birds of Paradise, +3x Green Fetchlands (Windswept Heath are the least expensive, but any of them are fine). Because the Fetches allow us to grab Stomping Ground as well, they give us a slightly better chance of getting the 2R we need to cast Blood Moon on Turn 2, which would allow you to drop a Bird for something better in the late game. Here's a piece on our Ponza Mana Simulator if you'd like to play with the numbers yourself.
  • I like Ancient Grudge better than Artifact sweepers, personally. But if your meta demands sweepers, Shatterstorm is strictly better than Creeping Corrosion.
  • Unless your meta is just overrun with Tron and Titanshift, 4x Crumble to Dust may be excessive. Surgical Extraction is another similar(ish) option, which is great in other match-ups as well.

Also, I TOTALLY get the desire to make a deck competitive "without necessarily carbon copying someone else's card list", but I always recommend starting with other lists and then tweaking (sometimes drastically) to fit our meta and playstyle. If you haven't already, I'd strongly recommend looking at these:

Good luck (and good skill) with the deck!

BraxTune on Baralmancer Izzet Modern

1 week ago

I think I will build an extra deck around this shell with all the extra cards I have floating around at this point. Kind of like a more budget approach to the same goal. I will continue to try and bring this current shell to a competitive level. Might have to put in some overtime for this one.

Things are looking pretty exciting with the upcoming reprint of shock lands in Guilds of Ravnica. Wouldn't this deck look gorgeous with a full set of Steam Vents and maybe some of the cheaper fetches.

Also, I am very happy to have found out about Crumble to Dust I feel like this really fits my strategy and synergizes well as a response. This side board build has really been a struggle I would say. It's one of those areas where I definitely have a rougher understanding of the meta then a control player should. lol

Prehcise on FirePox

2 months ago

1-2 Field of Ruin in place of a Ghost Quarter or two might be a good change as well. Also, if you're having trouble with Tron, try a couple Crumble to Dust in side. Might even work having 1 in main, one in side.

Backinthefrey on Jori's school of ctrl+c and X

2 months ago

Here are my personal recommendations (with help from n8dm) for cards to add and cut from the deck. Let me know if you have any questions about cuts or recommendations.

Let's start with permanents:

  • First off, I'd recomment Cast Through Time, very fun especially with Swarm Intelligence.
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner provides aerial blockers and an alternate win condition in case you can't burn out your opponent.
  • Mizzix of the Izmagnus and Baral, Chief of Compliance are great for cost reduction of spells.
  • Nivix Guildmage is a great copy engine.
  • Guttersnipe helps with burning out your opponent.
  • Mnemonic Wall and Archaeomancer help get back your good spells.
  • The Mirari Conjecture does the same thing as the two above, but it's a saga.
  • Metallurgic Summonings helps with getting out chump blockers.
  • Jaya Ballard is a really great addition to the deck.
  • Finally, Precognition Field is good card filtering.
  • Now for instants and sorceries:

  • I would recommend Crush of Tentacles, as it's the perfect boardwipe for the deck.
  • I'm gonna recommend the burn spell Jaya's Immolating Inferno, it's a personal favorite.
  • Snap is great for double casting to trigger Jori En, Ruin Diver.
  • Scour from Existence, Rapid Hybridization, and Chaos Warp are great instant speed removal.
  • Pull from Tomorrow is an amazing card draw spell that fits the X cost theme.
  • Lastly, Beacon of Tomorrows allows for some easy infinite turns if you draw your whole deck (doable:Pull from Tomorrow copied a few times).
  • Now to recommend some cards to cut:

  • Brutal Expulsion is too expensive for a pretty weak effect, it's essentially an expensive version of a weaker Remand + Shock combo.
  • I would like to question your addition of Clockspinning, as it can really only be applied to 3-4 targets.
  • Fall of the Titans is not the greatest of burn spells. It might seem good, but you'll never be able to cast it at full potential, as playing it for its surge cost does require you to spend mana on another spell.
  • I'd recommend you cut Magma Spray, there's much better removal out there.
  • Refuse isn't that great because you have to get it into your graveyard to take advantage of its aftermath effects, that paired with the fact that its initial effect is pretty weak.
  • Turn is also rather weak in this format.
  • Aphetto Alchemist and Fatestitcher have very limited application here, it seems as if you run them just to support Echo Mage and Pyromancer's Goggles.
  • Pyromancer's Assault is too weak , too much of an investment without enough of a payout.
  • Honden of Infinite Rage and Honden of Seeing Winds could be cut as the floor is too low and the ceiling isn't high enough, you're only running two of them.
  • Touch of the Void is pretty much a sorcery speed 3 drop bolt.
  • Teleportal can be cut seeing as you don't have many creatures that you'll be attacking with. The two you do have, Hypersonic Dragon and Sphinx of the Final Word already have flying.
  • Serpentine Spike is way too expensive. It is indeed a 3 for one, but that's at best for 7 mana. I'd recommend you just use a red boardwipe along the lines of Blasphemous Act.
  • Recoup doesn't do a whole lot, and it's debatably bad.
  • Processor Assault should be cut and replaced with Flame Slash. Flame Slash is half the mana for one less damage, and there's no additional cost.
  • Master the Way - I'm sorry, but that's just not a good card.
  • It'd be a good idea to replace Hanweir Battlements with Reliquary Tower, as Hanweir Battlements is really just a haste enabler here.
  • Crumble to Dust is not a really great card in a singleton format, and it can be replaced with Pillage.
  • Total suggestions: 24 Total suggested cuts: 18 ; As an extra side question, what's the purpose of all the exile?

    DanTheBear on Burn baby burn

    3 months ago

    xyr0s so would 2 of Crumble to Dust and Vandalblast be good. Considering my local meta Relic of Progenitus is the better option. Prowess saves Monastary Swiftspear so ill add some Pyroclasm.

    Thanks for all the help

    xyr0s on Burn baby burn

    3 months ago

    About that sideboard... I'm not really getting the cards you have in it. It seems to just be additional burn spells, like those you couldn't find space for maindeck. A better sideboard strategy is to find cards that would greatly impact specific matchups. Say, you play against a lot of elves, monowhite blink, and 8whack, and would like to win more of those games. All those decks have in common that Pyroclasm wrecks their game-plan, or Anger of the Gods if you don't mind waiting for turn 3. Another whole pile of strategies includes the graveyard (dredge, reanimation, anything with Snapcaster Mage, anything with a tarmogoyf in it), and you can get a huge advantage in those games if you have graveyard-hate like Relic of Progenitus or Tormod's Crypt. Since you are playing red, you have access to really good cards against artifacts and lands, and should make the most of this advantagem - just consider which opponents would become walk-overs if you had Crumble to Dust or Vandalblast.

    The real question for a sideboard card is: "In which games will I use this card?" If you rotate from one burn spell into another, it just seems like you picked the wrong one for your maindeck. Instead you should look at conditionally strong cards, at best targeted at the meta you play in (one type of deck may be preferred by a lot of players where you play, and then you can bring sideboard cards specifically against it).

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