Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet


, : Target creature gains flying until end of turn.

Flying Carpet Discussion

Eurgiga on Moon art cards for Princess ...

7 months ago

A few I haven't seen yet:

Couple tips when looking for moons: Both actual moons and moon symbols count, so keep an eye out for moons on things like books, texts, and manufactured things in the art. There is no limit on how small they can be, though it's obvious it has to be large enough to make out. Some cards have very small, very sneaky moons hidden in them this way.

doombuggy5 on The Danger Zone (Mono Green Archer)

1 year ago

You could add Flying Carpet to your deck as a funny way to hit things that don't fly naturally.

Flooremoji on PDH - Bring on the lands!

1 year ago

Flying Carpet might work here, but there's probably a better card though. Maybe more evasion?

frogkill45 on "Step Into My Web..."

2 years ago

I noticed you have a lot of ways to deal with flyers, maybe adding Flying Carpet / Predator, Flagship could give you a way to deal with non fliers

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #10 - Alternate ...

3 years ago

TheRedGoat: 1. Sorry, I can't make every last joke or pun.

  1. Because I'm lazy, that's why.

  2. It's Time Spiral/Future Sight. I'll get around to it eventually. Probably when I talk about non-Equipment Equipment like Flying Carpet.

Nordlys on

3 years ago

I'm glad you find my comment useful. Let me see...

Loose a pair of Oran-Rief, the Vastwood because it will slow you down. It's a land that has good synergy with your deck, but you will hate it when you top-deck it in urgency of mana. Play no more than 2 copies, let's take it as a bonus card. It helps, but we actually don't really need it that much. And the negative side (top-decking it when you need speed) is devastating.

Llanowar Reborn is another good choice for adding counters, but it also comes into play tapped. I do play two of these (and two Oran-Rief) because I play 18 lands total and no mana dorks. If you want to try it go ahead, but you will trully hate it when you're opening hand is a tapped-land nightmare.

Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers is a land that comes into play untapped, adds forest and might save your Ezuri. The chances are low, but everything counts and this lands has no negative side. Play only 1 copy since it's legendary and we don't want it causing any problem.

Pendelhaven also comes into play untapped and might be a saviour. Your Llanowar Elves will apreciate your effort if you drop in one copy of this land.

Feel free to take a look at my Warrior Elves deck and copy from it whatever you think will be useful:

Stomping Elvish Warriors

Modern* Nordlys


Bioshift might be useful too if you bet on +1/+1 counters.

I don't run Collected Company because I use it in another elves deck (i've got 4 elves decks and a troll anti-affinity elves deck, lol), but you should consider it if you are willing to spend some money into this deck.

So, let's get serious, if you really want to win those local tourneys/FNM, according to the level of quality of the players in your town, you will need to buy the trully competitive cards. That means 4xHeritage Druids, 4xCollected Company and some Chord of Calling or Fauna Shaman to asure you'll put in the battleground the best you've got and leave no place to luck; you control luck when you've got searchers.

Now, if you still haven't bought any of these elves and you want the very best for modern elves take a look at the competitive modern elves played by recogniced players at magiconline (you can easily find those matches on youtube, just search for "modern elves match"). Check out the Green-Black version which runs 4xShaman of the Pack, it's super fun and more versatile since it enables you to play good removal spells in your sideboard.

But, hey, you need to know what you really enjoy; I personally like to flavour my decks with a personal touch because I kinda hate mainstream (from music to movies and mtg decks). As an example, in my favourite elf deck I run Concordant Crossroads since it's a legacy deck, and combine it with Genesis Wave... equals more than 50 damage at 3rd turn. If you also like the Haste factor, you can always drop a pair of Lightning Greaves which works like a charm.

Do you feel like innovating? Drop in some Flying Carpet and whipe the board with Jagged-Scar Archers. Why not?

Hope to encourage you, mate. Peace!

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on The Tyranny of Spiders

3 years ago

I immediately think of anything that could give opponent's creatures flying - with all the hate spiders bring. Power MatrixPredator, FlagshipWhalebone Glider etc - the only one that really fits with the spiders theme is Flying Carpet (think a Renowned Weaver could make one?) but they might all be worth it.

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