Skyship Plunderer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Skyship Plunderer

Creature — Human Pirate


When Skyship Plunderer deals combat damage to a player, for each kind of counter on target permanent or player, give that permanent or player another counter of that kind.

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Skyship Plunderer Discussion

Izaeus on American Superfriends (4-0 @ FNM, Game Day Champ!)

12 hours ago

Have you considered Skyship Plunderer? He can increase your walker's loyalty. Also Emrakul has been banned so that frees up at least one slot.

AngryBadger on Five Color Superfriends

22 hours ago

Oath of Gideon is in my opinion a must have as it will give all your planeswalkers an additional loyalty counter.

Oath of Ajani have it as a 1 of because while it is really good at making planeswalkers easier to cast but the +1/+1 is kinda useless since you will rarely have many creatures.

Skyship Plunderer is a must run of at least 3 as it will give a single planeswalker another loyalty counter.

Heart of Kiran okay run 1 to 2 it is SO easy to crew in this deck and is a 4/4 body in the air, for two mana.

Izaeus on League of Extraordinary Superfriends

2 days ago

Get rid of the dreadnought and replace it with the new Winding Constrictor, Skyship Plunderer, or Maulfist Revolutionary. They all can increase loyalty counters.

Izaeus on 4 Color Super Friends

2 days ago

Have you considered Winding Constrictor, Maulfist Revolutionary, and Skyship Plunderer? They can all give your planeswalkers more counters. And maybe a Spire of Industry for mana fixing.

jubale on The Ultimate Tamiyo Deck

1 week ago

Playtested a completely different scheme. Maulfist Revolutionary, Skyship Plunderer and Oath of Gideon all hand out loyalty counters. I especially love Maulfist for being able to surprise people out of nowhere. (Animation Module is a fourth option, but that's one too many.) So you fill the deck with other stuff to protect the queens. When it works, it's nutty.

T2 Skyship, T3 Oath, T4 Tamiyo with 5 counters, +1 to 6, attack to 7. Their turn, chump block with the Oath tokens (drawing 2 cards in the procsess.) T5, -7 on Tamiyo, cast another Tamiyo for free, and go ballistic.

I still think I prefer the beefy creature deck, but this is an amazing variant.