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PTsmitty's Binder

Binder updated as of 3/19/22

DISCLAIMER I have two young children at home so it may be a day or two before I have a chance to respond to trade requests. I appreciate any and all patience as I get back to you. Thank You

I currently live in Wisconin, and am looking to do trades in the US only. I use TCG mid prices for the value of my cards as well as any cards I am trading for.

Trade with MTG1814: We never actually sent the cards off involved. After 3 weeks of in activity on their webpage the user stated that they would mail the cards to me. 2 days later I was told they do not need the cards anymore and would like to cancel the trade. We decided to just mark them as received to have the trade off of our pending lists.

The trade with ACCG will probably never be completed. We were in good communication at the start of the process, but I never received their end of the trade. I am not even sure if they got my end or not because they have not responded to posts on their profile page. I am assuming that I got ripped of.

I working out a trade with BigGameHunter12 through email contact since they are a new user. Their end of the trade was mailed out on time, but the post office lost the cards. Cards were in the condition that the described. They did communicate regularly until a few weeks after their end of the cards got lost in the mail. Nothing was worked out for compensation for the then lost cards so I am glad the showed up late.

I was able to successfully complete a trade with landofMordor through email contact since they do not have a trade binder set up. They communicated regularly and the cards arrived as schedule. I would trade with them again if the situation arises.

I started collecting cards again after New Phyrexia of the Scars block was released. I am looking for a way to trade off some of the cards the players at my local shop do not want. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I have my obvious want list, but I have no problem searching through people's binders to find more to finish a trade.

I can vouch for anyone on the right that I have completed a successful trade with.

I will disclose during trade negotiation the conditions of the cards if they are not M/NM. There are only a few cards that I own that are below M/NM in condition.