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UR Self-Mill Spellslinger (Budget/Casual)

Casual Counterspell Flashback Mill UR (Izzet)



This is a slow control deck with powerful late-game creatures and spells. This deck is built around milling most of your deck with cards like Cephalid Vandal and Nightveil Sprite while trying to control the board with cheap counterspells, targeted damage, and board wipes. Most spells have flashback, so you'll have a huge supply of spells in your graveyard that you can use in a pinch when your hand gets low. The more expensive/powerful Prismari spells let you discard them for cheap and get a treasure token Izzet Chemister can capitalize on this really well, because they can exile those spells from the graveyard and cast them for significantly cheaper. Getting a couple experimental outbursts can do huge damage with 1-shot KO potential. Serpentine Curve, Enigma Drake, and other creatures have power equal to the instants and sorceries in your graveyard. So a turn 7+ drop of one of these 3-mana creatures can easily have over 10 attack. That damage will only grow the longer you drag out the game. Also keep in mind, an early drop Cephalid Vandal that stays alive for a while definitely has the potential to mill your entire library if you're not careful.


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