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Kyle's Teshar: the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

Commander / EDH*


I spent a little time tinkering with this in preparation for an episode of The Legendary Creature Podcast. It ended up working really nicely. Check out the episode to hear us talk in detail about how to use it.


Generally speaking, there is a basic formula that you can use to build a combo engine.

Teshar + Creature that Recurs Artifacts + Sac Outlet + Egg + Win Con

Here's an example:

Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle + Junk Diver + Ashnod’s Altar + Chromatic Star + Altar of the Brood

Now in the above example you'd actually produce infinite card draw and infinite mana--until you'd deck yourself--before you get to a win con. And then you can draw and cast your win con or set up a new engine that won't deck you.

There will of course be variations on the formula. For example, Altar of Dementia can function as a sac outlet and a win con, but would need two egg style creatures such as Memnite and Ornithopter to combo out a win.

Here are the cards I'm using in each of the engine formula variables.

I went the route of using several instances of being able to create infinite tokens. This sort of gives your play group a chance to respond to your combo by giving them a turn to undo you while your tokens are sick. The deck isn't that interactive, so making the infinite combos have a chink in the armor could make it a little more fun by challenging your group to solve the problem you present.

Also, I would note that you can use the Hangarback Walker or Walking Balista as eggs by casting them for zero if that's the variable role they need to fill. Or you can use them as a win con, by dumping infinite mana into them.

Finally, your group will figure this deck out. They'll start to realize that they have to stop you quickly and often. So below are some ideas to include when you start needing to protect Teshar's engine.


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