Just a B/W pEDH list I have been working on. I play this deck mainly against my wife. She runs a U/W Cloudblazer build she and I have been tweaking. My goal has been to build a couple pEDH decks that are tit for tat. My wife is a sore looser and the only way I can get her to play is if she gets the "Good Deck" so I tried to keep the quicker(ish) kills/combos to a minimum and pair both decks pretty equally. The idea of this deck is to win by either dealing lethal commander damage with the Voracious Hatchling or by being able to recycle enough spells and draw through my deck and hopefully find stuff that works together so I can keep the heat until I can deal the 40. I am not running a Whispersilk Cloak . My wife although is. I normally would have ran one but it makes for a weird game if both parties are running them so I gave my wife the advantage and included it in her deck. It's funny because I normally loose because of this card if I don't pull a response. I have included all the "best of" cards that I think fit or offer the best bang for my buck or provide overall good quality. I'm always open to suggestions as I, like anyone else can overlook something. I also use this to keep track of my decks. Thanks for lookin =]

EDIT: I am now running a Whispersilk Cloak part time. (Only when I'm not playing with the Lady).


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