Recumbent Bliss

Recumbent Bliss

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may gain 1 life.

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Recumbent Bliss Discussion

qhollis405 on Casual Life Gain

2 weeks ago

Removed 4x Sunbond, replaced with Light of Promise, as it's strictly better.

Also removed 3x Wall of Reverence and 4x Recumbent Bliss for now in favor of more combo.

Added 4x Sworn Companions and 3x Celestial Unicorn.

Saccox on Three Life Blink Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Hey amicdeep thanks for the comment! Bretagard Stronghold it's a interesting card,I will evaluate it. For Trelasarra, Moon Dancer and Cleric Class i evalute their price when "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms" it's put on sale;for this cards also think a new deck based on Conclave Mentor , Angel of Vitality and Recumbent Bliss . I work on it!^^

Saccox on Three Life Blink Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

4 months ago

Arthurshepard80 di rimozioni carine a basso costo ce ne tantissime nel bianco( Reprobation , Silkwrap , Recumbent Bliss ecc...)ho piu problemi a decidere cosa rimuovere per fare 4 spazi,sforbicero tra le creature che 27 sono tante. Per il tuo idra con il nero ce un botto di carte: Retribution of the Ancients , Kin-Tree Invocation , Grim Affliction , Slitherhead ,ci sono tante interazioni con segnilini +1+1 e il verde/nero.

Saccox on Budget Mono White Control

7 months ago

Hi RebelGenius, Recumbent Bliss ? Have an expensive mana cost but stop a opponent's creature and gain life!

Saccox on Life and Death

7 months ago

Hi bbenny0610,there are many cards that can be used for this deck: Prism Ring , Survival Cache , Cliffhaven Vampire , Ajani's Pridemate , Angel of Vitality , Serene Steward , Recumbent Bliss , Scoured Barrens .They can be done many deck versions with this idea. My version,Vampires gain life Pezzent

Ihateyoubro12 on Hail The Almighty Goat Cannon

8 months ago

Oh solid ideas Saccox I love the Angel of Vitality and the Survival Cache I will definitely be putting those in the deck. the only reason I wouldn't use Recumbent Bliss in my version of the deck is because for for every card I add I also have to remove one too. I feel adding in that extra protection isn't always needed since ill be making so much life per turn and I ether kill them with Springjack Shepherd, Blasting Station combo or just straight out number with chop blockers to an extent that pretty much only decks with heavy late game flying/trample would have an easy time breaking through.

Saccox on Hail The Almighty Goat Cannon

8 months ago

Hi Ihateyoubro12,Angel of Vitality,Recumbent Bliss and Survival Cache? To make better use of gain life ability ^^

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