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Go big or go home! The gameplan of this brew is to try to use Rionya's AMAZING ability to generate multiple token copies of creatures at the start of combat, in the following ways (usually between turns 6-8 on average):

1) Infinite combat steps with Combat Celebrant

2) Infinite combat steps with Bloodthirster

3) Nuking your opponents with Fanatic of Mogis for MASSIVE DAMAGE

4) Generating huge amounts of 1/1 Goblins with Chancellor of the Forge

5) Nuking opponents for great damage and swinging in with Scourage of Valkas

6) Infinite copies of Storm-Kiln Artist (requires Haze of Rage)

7) Anything else I haven't discovered yet

Except for Combat Celebrant and Bloodthirster, the other win options ideally require casting multiple instants/sorceries first, since the moment those creatures come down, you'll almost certainly become the archenemy (Rionya is a bit of a glass cannon); therefore, the vast majority of spells are cantrips and other instants/sorceries. I stuffed in as many efficient cantrips as I could, as well as included creatures for drawing (Skyscanner, Humble Defector, Solemn Simulacrum in a pinch). Birgi (and Storm-Kiln Artist/Runaway Steam-Kin to a degree) is amazing for enabling you to keep casting spells, and if you need card advantage, both her and Breya's Apprentice do well with that; Ardent Elementalist will also let you get back your slingers too. You'll generally want to cast a minimum of 3-4 cantrips before moving to combat with Rionya out, depending on the situation, 1 or 2 can do just fine. Don't be afraid to cast your spells to dig through the deck, or generate some extra mana; some of the creatures (such as Wily Goblin or Solemn Simulacrum) will at least give you some benefit for token copies. Of course, sometimes it is better to not cast anything and create one token, but I leave that to your judgement.


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