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$10 Controlled Burn, Arcane Edition! [UltraBudget]

Modern Budget Burn Casual Control Splice Tap/Untap UR (Izzet)


Intro ::

For generations, Native American tribes set fire to the landscapes, to promote the growth of wildlife which sustained their lifestyles. This budget Burn deck helps you do the same, burning opponents to crispy cinders using Arcane style, with a budget that helps you sustain your lifestyle.

How it Works ::

The wincon is centered around creatures that burn opponents for damage as you cast a bunch of Arcane spells. Gelectrode and Thermo-Alchemist are rockstars who can be untapped multiple times a turn to lay damage on thikk, while Guttersnipe just sits there and racks up damage. Once you have some creatures out, start casting and Splicing Arcane spells like a madman. Ire of Kaminari and The Unspeakable can be used to finish the game up if the papercuts hadn't done so already.

UltraBudget? ::

Yes, UltraBudget. The basic lands for this deck (~$7.50 as of July 2019) cost more than the entire rest of the deck combined. So, if you already have 9 Islands, 6 Mountains, and 3 Plains, this deck will cost you around $5. I've got a blinged version of this deck with a bunch of foiled and promo cards, and it still cost me less than $15. :3

Modifications [July 27, 2019] ::

After playing this deck a lot, I've found it's quite weak to creature removal. In order to cover for this without breaking the form, budget, and theme of the deck, I've decided to try living dangerously by splashing a third color, White, to make room for Blessed Breath. I also added some more land in general to the deck, as there wasn't enough raw draw power to make up for the smaller number. Hopefully it will function better against Removal. Removing some Islands for Mystic Monastery and Evolving Wilds actually lowered the price of the deck, so our mods also help fight price creep!

Modifications [June 24, 2022] ::

I decided to go back down to two colors and remove Blessed Breath for Veil of Secrecy, to keep some evasion in the deck. Also adding a playset of Izzet Boilerworks after removing all the white land, to give me some more ramps options when I untap. I also cut one copy of Gelectrode and Guttersnipe each, to make room for two Goblin Electromancers. Even though I like the targeted and repeatable removal of Gelly, the hope is that the Electromancer can ease casting Turns 4-6, to allow more effects to be spliced on. Previously this wouldn't be worth it, but cutting the Blessed Breath for the Veils means the Electromancer now reduces 1/3 of my cards instead of 1/4. We'll see if it works.

Islands have stabilized in price, so adding more has not affected the budget. The single Unspeakable is the only card over $0.25, at $0.35. Still playing hard into the Arcane and Budget tribal aspects of the deck.


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