This is the deck I made for my good friend and roommate for Christmas '16. The original cost displayed was indeed $40 but appreciation has driven the cost up. Cost me about $30 out-of-pocket when I built it.

Saved for posterity and inspiration. Updates are highly unlikely.

The editions for the cards are all accurate and the keen eye will notice I tried to get the most plant-y or brambly versions of cards (or at least the oldest versions of each card). For example, Rampant Growth and Golgari Signet. I also tried to get as many promo cards and rare-art versions as I could afford, such as Putrefy and Corpsejack Menace.

One may also notice a distinct lack of a certain ubiquitous mana-ramper; if my roommate likes this deck enough let him put a ring on it.

Pretty straightforward deck: ramp, apply counters, equip, attack, reanimate, repeat.

The deck will no-doubt evolve but that's not my path. Keep in mind, this deck was a budget deck that is also four years old. If I could do it again I would probably squeeze Crux of Fate, Murder, and another removal piece in (like Unravel the Aether or Deglamer--at the time Beast Within was out of budget), as well as several more ramp pieces--try to get it up to eight or so. Skullbriar is cheap but gets whacked regularly.


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