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Alesha who dashes to victory

Commander / EDH* RBW (Mardu)


PROTOTYPE This deck works with Alesha who smiles at death to bring back many of the creatures and proc the many ETB effects of many other cards in the deck and another main mechanic in the deck is the creatures with dash to also proc the ETB effects but some of the dash cards cannot be resurrected by Alesha and the deck has answers to get back those cards to the battlefield too with cards like Volrath's Stronghold and Victimize. Also if the opponents have enchantment removal you can get out Auramancer or Griffin Dreamfinder play it or discard it with Nahiri to be able to play it for 2 instead with Alesha to get the discarded enchantment back to your hand

Combo 1: Purphoros, God of the Forge + Elemental Mastery + Impact tremors this combo will deal 3 damage whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control with elemental mastery's ability its 18 damage to all opponents

Combo 2: Warbringer + Darksteel Plate + Swiftfoot boots This small combo will make all the Dashers in the deck super cheap to play and making it very hard for your opponents to get warbringer out of the picture

Combo 3: Burnished Hart + Alesha Who Smiles at Death This is just a mana ramp combo

How to play the dashers: Play any dasher except Ambuscade Shaman and Kolaghan Forerunners and play Ambuscade Shaman secound then play the rest of the dashers and play Kolaghan Forerunners Last to make sure it has the most ammount of power it can get.


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