Creature — Orc Berserker

Dash costs you pay cost {2} less (as long as this creature is on the battlefield).

Dash {2}{R} (You may cast this spell for its dash cost. If you do, it gains haste, and it's returned from the battlefield to its owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step.)

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
Pioneer Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Warbringer Discussion

momikulski on Niv-Mizzet, Parun

1 year ago

All of these cards work well when you are running basically just mountains, running blue splits their power, and using non basics reduces their effectiveness even further. Downhill Charge , Granite Grip , and Seismic Strike .

These cards are ok, but don’t really work with your primary concept. Titan's Strength I like this for the scry, and if it drew a card it’d be fine, but as a combat trick it’s pretty meh. Kavu Scout is at most a 2/2 for two in this deck. Kraken's Eye is pretty passive life gain, but it’s not going to win the game for you, and it is pretty unlikely to save you too (it does improve with some of the buy back spells I list later). The problem with Akroan Crusader is that if we cut the combat tricks this card becomes way weaker, and even with the tricks, it’s not got a high likelihood of having both at the same time. Why would we run that when we can run cards like Crackling Drake ?

Strider Harness is good, but it is over costed for what it does.

These cards are neat, but there are better options that are better suited to what you are trying to do. Lava Axe , and Warbringer .

Whisk Away I’m not loving this card, it is alright. It’s just low bang for the buck.

As for some cards that might help things, the issue I see is that your plan has a lot of draw, and some control, but not a lot of ways to win. As it is your commander is basically the only way you have of making use of the draw, out side of trying to win with Jace. Winning with Jace is gonna be tough cause you have to draw him, and then mill through your deck, it is possible just hard. So most of the suggestions are cards that work well with casting a lot of draw spells, or removal. This makes your plan of drawing a lot of cards do something other than drawing a lot of cards. Just like your commander they are all going to do something when you draw, or cast a spell. Talrand, Sky Summoner , Saheeli, Sublime Artificer , Murmuring Mystic , Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , Guttersnipe , and Psychosis Crawler are all great for your deck.

You’ve got a bunch of good draw, but you missed a few older cards that are incredible like Arcanis the Omnipotent , Brainstorm , Opt , Treasure Cruise , and Faithless Looting .

Swarm Intelligence is great for casting a lot of spells.

A thing that might happen is running out of gas. So cards that give repeated use like flashback and buy back are huge. They mean you’ll always have something to do, and offer more value because of your cards that trigger on spell cast, or card draw. Some good examples include Mystic Retrieval , Fanning the Flames , Whispers of the Muse , Shattering Pulse , and though it is a little bit more expensive Capsize which is incredibly powerful and super annoying for other people to deal with if they can’t outright counter it.

AEtherize is just a super good card for the deck.

Your deck should basically just draw a whole lot of cards, and having the mana to play them is super important. I’d likely look at increasing the number of mana rocks (artifacts that make mana) in there, and making sure that you’re never hurting for your second color. Some solid suggestions for that are Izzet Signet , Izzet Cluestone , Commander's Sphere , Izzet Boilerworks , Terramorphic Expanse , Desolate Lighthouse , and Memorial to Genius is just great for your draw plan.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Mechanics that never really worked

2 years ago

Improvise is a funny one, actually. I've seen Inspiring Statuary pull some incredible stunts in EDH, essentially turning all of your artifacts into rocks for casting anything other than yet more artifacts. Other than that though, I can't say I've ever seen Improvise do great. I've seen a few castings of Battle at the Bridge that had real impact on the game, but more often than not the caster didn't even use Improvise.

There are a lot of mechanics though that I feel like failed simply for lack of support or even quantity. Take Ninjutsu for instance, with only 8 cards originally printed with it, 2 printed later in non-standard sets. Ninjutsu could have been genuinely great, and Ninja of the Deep Hours still seems to be a pretty popular and effective card. I'd love to be able to build a Higure, the Still Wind EDH deck but there's just not enough to work with.

One of my biggest complaints about WotC's design process is that they are so hasty to cram loads of mechanics into each set like they're throwing darts to see what will stick, and then never even revisit the stuff that worked! I get that some of it was supposed to be stuff that was tied to specific groups/factions/clans lore-wise, but man, I'd love to see Overload, Dash, Undying, Persist, Evolve, Battle Cry, etc etc the list goes on forever, return in some way. Put them on different colors, mix things up. I mean it seems like just now in Dominaria they're toying with triggered abilities that go off when you cast a kicked spell. Where was that kind of support for Overload, or Dash? Dash in particular to me seemed like such an interesting mechanic but they just... never did anything with it, it's just sort of... there. I mean Warbringer was a thing but... meh? There's only 18 Dash cards and of them 6 get little or no benefit from Warbringer.

As RazortoothMtg pointed out, there's only three Meld pairs. Excuse me but what? Even if this mechanic was a huge success, it takes WotC years to design and push out sets. If they're trying to "test the waters" by the time they know a mechanic is popular it's too late, it's going to take years to deliver us more cards with it and we'll have moved on. I hate to say it but with the way things work, they really need to be diving head first into new mechanics. The current system just makes everything seem so spotty and timid, like they're desperately afraid of screwing up, but that in and of itself is what they are screwing up.


plusmental on Making Dash Great Again!

3 years ago

Dragon's Claw in the sideboard deals with burn decks very well due to the dash spells bouncing back to hands for recast

Flamerush Rider was one of two cards (the other being Flameshadow Conjuring, which also might be good in here) that I based a standard rakdos deck around that surprised even me and did quite well - it could be pretty handy in here once you are lowering costs with Warbringer

I feel like Vaultbreaker as a 2 of, taking out 2 of the Screamreach Brawler, could be good

Mostly though I feel like you should splash black add in fetchlands and put in Ambuscade Shaman

I like it though, its great to see something different

berryjon on Making Dash Great Again!

3 years ago

I'm playtesting your deck, and it looks like 22 lands is a bit much. I think ditching 2 of them for another Goblin Heelcutter and a Warbringer.

As for potential sideboards, I would look into Guttural Response for dealing with control, an Inferno or two in case someone can get out a big creature fast and you don't have any Heelcutters - or the boardstate has stalled out, and Pyroclasm as a cheaper Volcanic Fallout if your opponent isn't playing control.

Shadowl_less_one on Making Dash Great Again!

3 years ago

You Seem to be missing Sprinting Warbrute... that combined with Warbringer is a pretty quick way to wrap up the game

albino_ninja on Making Dash Great Again!

3 years ago

Personally I would spread the love a little bit to add in Goblin Heelcutter, makes those late game blockers a non-issue.

-1 Anger of the Gods

-1 Kolaghan Forerunners

-1 Warbringer

+3 Goblin Heelcutter

OR, you could drop 4 Mountains because mono-red doesn't need 24 lands

chazy13 on

3 years ago

I have no idea what format this is supposed to be in. If this is strictly for kitchen table, then do whatever you please. However, if this is a goal for standard, modern, or other constructed formats, then we have some issues.

To start, if your goal is standard, you missed the rotation and the theme of dash is no longer an option. But I'm guessing you know that, saying that this is a deck you had while it was legal in standard.

Next we have two problems if this deck is a goal for modern, one being the legality of the cards. The other being the underwhelming power level of the chosen cards. The legality answer is simple but hard to catch, Pyroblast is not legal to play in modern, never printed in 8th edition or after. The other issue is not that simple. You are playing cards from a past standard black with the dash mechanic. Playing those creatures is quite fine, in fact it would be fun to see in a modern event. However, in a format like modern, paying mana for small amounts of damage with no board presence at the end of the turn is a recipe for a unplayable deck. If you must insist on attempting to dash your way to victory, this deck will have to be carried hard by Warbringer, making the deck actually quite dangerous if not respected by your opponent. The problem with this deck is less with the creatures, but more with the spells. The spell choices are weak, and they just don't make sense with the vast amount of cards available to use. The spells in the khans block in this deck just don't hold their own once they are released into the world of modern. If you plan on using this in another format, then upgrade the noncreature spells first. I would put this deck with more on the lines of black red burn agro playing Lightning Bolt over Wild Slash, and removing the other random underpowered spells with card like Terminate, Kolaghan's Command, Bump in the Night, and the list goes on, giving you many possible inputs for direct damage and removal that is fast and mana efficient. You could also play cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, or just even Duress to strip your opponent of their valuable cards. The spell base for this deck has almost endless possibilities, and even has room for other fun cards like one of my favorites, Blightning.

Whether this good standard deck past its prime is strictly for casual play, or if it is ready for a modern overhaul, it is important to remember what magic is all about, enjoying the game.Whatever you decide to change, buy, remove, or add, all that matters is what you want your deck to be. Take my suggestions how they are; Things you could add, but in the end it's up to you.

Scoopadroop on Making Dash Great Again!

3 years ago

I've seen a few people try to make the dash mechanic work and the best i've seen is using Impact Tremors and Warbringer. As you hit the four mana mark you start to be able to hit your opponent for damage every turn despite having blockers or not. I like your idea of using the cheap board wipes to get rid of all the early creatures and i think this would work with the impact tremors combination.

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