Untamed Kavu

Untamed Kavu

Creature — Kavu

Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

Vigilance, trample

If Untamed Kavu was kicked, it enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it.

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Untamed Kavu Discussion

CloudFrog on First deck in 17 years. …

5 months ago

The current game plan is to win using Champion of Lambholt to get lots of damage though uncontested.

Other concepts are having 4 Nissa, Who Shakes the World and ulting early with proliferate. Considering using Untamed Kavu. I put in some Duskshell Crawlers for now as a way to get trample.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Trample vs. Festering Goblin

1 year ago

The following situation happened today:

I attacked my opponent with a Untamed Kavu that had been kicked, so it's a 5/5 trample Vigilance creature. My opponent blocked with two Festering Goblin. The goblins died from combat, both their abilities targeted my Kavu.

The question we had is: How much trample damage hits my opponent? Does he take 3 damage and then my Kavu shrinks, or does my opponent take 1 damage from the shrunk Kavu?

As combat damage doesn't use the stack since some point like ten years ago, I'm pretty sure it should be option one. But I'm not perfectly sure.

Suns_Champion on Ain't no Hallar back girl

2 years ago

Okay buddy here we go!

I think we need to fix a lot of things here. Ramp is an easy fix, we'll get some more instant/sorceries that get lands because they are safest. Then we'll work on getting more counters on Hallar in more efficient ways. We'll also swap out some of your kicker spells for other kicker spells that do better things.

Cards to look at:

Cards to maybe cut

So with all that I hope you're mana will be more consistant and your draw will be more powerful, then you'll be able to dump more counters on Hallar and snipe some wins. If not, your kicker spells will have more impact because they'll draw or remove or ramp. Focus on the 2cmc ramp cards, then swap out the kicker spells, then get those draw cards in there.

Here's a Deck you can also look at

Kyle's Budget Hallar-Kicker in the Dick(er)

Boroswins on Creature Pump mono green (Outdated Standard)

2 years ago

I'm working on a similar concept (I splash black, but then you have to pay for the mana base). For yours, after playtesting, I 100% wished that the Arboreal Grazer were Llanowar Elves every time, so I recommend swapping +2 for -2 to get 4 elves in there. The Voracious Hydra is one of the most powerful cards in your deck, I would recommend +2. My initial build had a bunch of Gargos, Vicious Watcher also, and I found that he was hard to play along side the rest of the deck, so I would -2 him for the other hydra. It was very rare that I ever got to keep a Gargos out long enough to draw into a Voracious. Usually I already played the Voracious, or they kill the Gargos before I can play with it or draw a Voracious.

I really like the Untamed Kavu and Gnarlback Rhino . I overlooked both of those cards in my builds but they played strong.

I would consider Bounty of Might as a 1 or 2 of. It provides three separate triggers to your rhino and for your Season of Growth . The deck's problem is that it runs out of steam fairly quickly, a normal green problem. You need late game items to get back into it. Perhaps +2, and -1 Gargos, -1 Giant Growth.

Good luck, I love the way the concept is moving. If interested, I can give you my black options for the deck which smooth out the curve and add a lot of durability. I ran yours against mine and mine won 2/1 for whatever that is worth.

CleverCombo on Marwyn's Babysitters Club

2 years ago

Murphy77 Great points! This was an early brew, I actually ended up cutting Pelt Collector as well as going down to 2 banners, mostly as a stall breaker. The version I've run recently really uses Greenwood Sentinel or Untamed Kavu along with Blanchwood Armor to make 5 power on turn 3. That or just a Steel Leaf Champion . I also haven't looked at it since WAR came out, so my concoction is behind a bit.

heckproof on Gruul Riot Modern

2 years ago

If budget isn’t an issue, trade out Untamed Kavu for a playset of Tarmogoyf , one of the best green creatures ever printed. You could also be running some fetches and shocks: Stomping Ground and Wooded Foothills would be in your colors, so a playset there might be good.Finally, because Phoenix in the Ice (Izzet Phoenix) is really good right now, you could run Scavenging Ooze in the maindeck. It’s a super good value creature that hates on graveyards and also helps in burn matchups.

clark1424 on Competitive Naya (RNA Update)

3 years ago

dalew Yes i did. Last night was my last game with it. I did end up 2-2 in the deck in 4 rounds of magic. I might do some changes since both my losses were a close fight against jeskai control but have won against a golgari midrange and a selesniya stompy. Deafening Clarion is the one card that separates us against other aggro decks. We got main board sweeper that benefits our creatures as well. I just end up losing to a niv mizzet backed up with Dive Down (stupid diving, fire-breathing dragon) and a niv mizzet luckily top decking a Syncopate. :/. But overall, the deck feels great. I did update the deck and change Untamed Kavu and replaced it with a main board Savage Stomp for some added spot removal because of some realizations last night lol. The deck is legit and is waiting for a Stomping Ground. Can't wait for the next set to release. :)

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