Double Cleave

Double Cleave


Target creature gains double strike until end of turn. (It deals both first-strike and regular combat damage.)

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Double Cleave Discussion

DarkHero on I got a nice dragon

4 months ago

Kind of a Voltron type build I guess. He's basically a 7cmc 5/5 keyword soup, which isn't great, in colors that don't ramp, which is worse. The attack effect is cool, but I'm not sure what value you would stand to get from it aside from a Boros Charm , Double Cleave , Waves of Aggression , Seize the Day or maybe a Austere Command .

You would basically do a spellslinger deck because you want to make sure you can hit an instant or a socery when he attacks, with Voltron aspects to make him threatening and and hope you can protect him enough to swing for lethal.

He won't fit in much else I don't think. He wants to be Blue so bad.

griffstick on Goblin swarm

1 year ago

Cant use Double Cleave

jakusbakus on Feather's Token Tantrum (~$200)

1 year ago

Thanks for the correction on Grapeshot, I don't have any other cards I use with storm so the oracle text confused me. Honest mistake!

In that case I understand and totally agree with your suggestion there. I'm considering maybe cutting one more land to fit in Titan's Strength because I could use an extra pump spell on top of Brute Force. I think I may throw in Double Cleave over Psychotic Fury to get double strike since I can use that on Zada, Hedron Grinder and Mirrorwing Dragon too. The card draw is nice though, and I may sub something else out for out.

I would like to play a few more games before I begin messing around with it anymore other than what I mentioned above. The pandemic has made it a lot more difficult to get together safely though, so it may take me a bit to get back to editing this deck.

Again, thanks for taking the time to comment and correct me on the Grapeshot trigger, I never want to cheat even by accident

ZendikariWol on Feather, The Combat Trick

2 years ago

Hey! Just built a similar brew, but kinda different? My spells are all lower to the ground, but unless you draw a creature in the opener you're screwed. Luckily my group is pretty chill w/ mulligans. Anyhow, I'd like to give back the ideas I got, take some inspiration from my deck. I'll point out some fun all-stars and weird synergies.

Intimidation Bolt can target your creature on an opponent's turn. Bye-bye, Timmy.

Glimpse the Sun God can target one of your creatures and three opponents'.

Soul's Fire Fell the Mighty , Reckless Rage , and Impact Resonance are all sweet repeatable removal.

Double Cleave is some spicy double strike.

Anyhow other than those, if you wanna yoink any other cards feel free to look at the list!

Feather's No Lightweight

Commander / EDH* ZendikariWol


Fallerup on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH [Primer]

2 years ago

I use Give No Ground in my deck as it makes for aa very good blocking card if you cast it on Zada or just on Feather himself as you ythen can block as many creatures as you want with him. Invigorated Rampage is fantastic for attacking and Double Cleave as well.

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