Chamber of Manipulation

Chamber of Manipulation

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land has "Tap, Discard a card: Gain control of target creature until end of turn."

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Chamber of Manipulation Discussion

Zujiry on Orvar Control

2 months ago

Bei so vielen 'target Land' sachen, sieht das ja fast aus wie ein grünes Deck x)

Für Orvar finde ich Chamber of Manipulation und Cloudpost sehr witzig.

Wieso Aquitect's Will ? Um das unendlich zu verdoppeln und deine Lib zu ziehen?

Combos: 1. Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal 1. Whim of Volrath + Gilded Lotus / Gilded Lotus Funktioniert Sapphire Medallion mit Buyback? Da man das Medallion verdoppeln kann, würde das Dinge vereinfachen :)

Du hast Mystic Remora oO?

1empyrean on Spellslingin' Token Makin' Sharknado

2 months ago

I'm not seeing much interaction with the legendary rule, and with so few creatures in the deck, Sakashima doesn't have all that many things to become a copy of.

With Prava and Kydele, you'd have consistent token generation and more mana to make them. It would also open up some options like High Alert , Huatli, the Sun's Heart , and Assault Formation .

It's up to you, though. Sakashima & Sidar Kondo can work, so if you want to keep them, maybe consider theft effects like Chamber of Manipulation (there are many others) or cards like Faerie Artisans (a bit expensive, but a powerful card for this type of deck). This would give Sakashima more versatility, at the very least.

carpecanum on Nassari Dean of expression, Stolen_strategy.exe

3 months ago

Chamber of Manipulation and cards like it. You should almost always have something worth playing from your opponents and your cards can become discard fodder. Spellbound Dragon and Nahiri's Wrath .

Grind on For Shizzel-Saksizzel

7 months ago

Cool deck!!
Control Magic and Blatant Thievery come to mind, as does Sepulchral Primordial .
With Chamber of Manipulation you can repeatedly steal commanders and then sac to mr. Szat.
Expropriate is good but high cmc.
Reins of Power is good too.
Also Gonti, Lord of Luxury seems on-theme.
Cheers and im sure there are more ideas out there but these are just a couple. Have fun!

Osbert on Yasova Dragonclaw EDH

8 months ago

I would trade out Control Magic for Chamber of Manipulation which can turn any card in your hand into a control magic. It doesn't give it haste and it doesn't untap the creature so it isn't a Threaten effect but it essentially is 1 mana and a card to yank something.

Bazaar Trader is kind of a unique card that can let you keep a stolen creature after borrowing it by targetting yourself with the effect. This is cheeky just like a goblin should be :) Thassa, Deep-Dwelling performs similarly by blinking the creature and then returning it under your control.

Hexproof is going to be one of the bothers to this deck since it wants to constantly target your opponents creatures so maybe try Shadowspear to get around it.

Suggested cuts:

Rekindling Phoenix: This doesn't seem to add a lot to the deck and seems like an easy cut.

Savage Twister: maybe it's a meta call by you but this is a bad board wipe. If you need to shoot a lot of little things maybe consider a one sided wipe like Mizzium Mortars.

multimedia on Looking For Cards

10 months ago

Hey, "until end of the turn" effects don't work with Sundial because "until" doesn't create a trigger that goes on the stack. "Until end of the turn" effects end at the Cleanup step which is the same step that you are taken to when you "end the turn" with Sundial. These effects don't trigger instead SBAs (State Based Actions) end the effect where a check happens at the Cleanup step, but no trigger is put onto the stack to response too. You need the effect to trigger before you can end it with Sundial.

Effects that say "at the beginning of end step" or "at the end of turn" work with Sundial because they trigger at the beginning of the end step and you need the trigger to respond to by activating Sundial in response which removes the trigger. If you don't get the trigger then you can't respond to it with Sundial. "At" wording is a trigger. "Until" wording isn't a trigger.

Chamber of Manipulation doesn't work with Sundial because the wording is "until end of the turn". The creature is in your control until the Cleanup step, but there's no trigger that will go on the stack when you lose control of the creature. You need this trigger to response to with Sundial to gain permanent control of the creature. Instead what happens is at the Cleanup step with a SBA the creature is returned to it's owner.

If Chamber's wording was different and said "Gain control of target creature. At the beginning of the next end step return that creature to it's owner's control" then you could response to the end step trigger with Sundial and gain permanent control of the creature.

FormOverFunction on Looking For Cards

10 months ago

I LOVE Chamber of Manipulation, so good call Mj3913. If this mechanic works for Act of Treason would cards like Act of Heroism adorn your creature with new abilities? Or would Accursed Horde make your zombies indestructible permanently?

JANKYARD_DOG on Looking For Cards

10 months ago

If Obeka was a Pirate I would say Admiral Beckett Brass. And I have no idea how rulings work with cards such as Arm with AEther. Would they keep they effect indefinitely? If so, then Gold!.

Captivating Crew and Chamber of Manipulation though, and adds like Act of Treason means you keep the creatures.

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