Mind Control

Mind Control

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

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Mind Control Discussion

Archon_Bel on Need Help Developing an "Ertai, …

3 weeks ago

Ertai, the Corrupted

I've decided I want to try building this guy next, but I'm going to need some help doing so. Right now, I'd like the main strategy to be reanimator and theft; I'm thinking I can best do this by wheeling opponents and reviving their creatures to my side or by using enchantments like Mind Control to steal them. Being able to take advantage of their spells with things like Insidious Will or Redirect would be in theme with this also.

Given the nature of Ertai's ability, though, I think an Esper Aristocrats strategy would also be good to use, especially with Solemnity in play with Undying or Persist creatures on board. Solemnity is the only card I know of in Esper that can prevent counters, but that's why having reanimation or recycling spells will be particularly useful.

Finally, I'm thinking about using tokens. Stuff like Weaponcraft Enthusiast or Grave Titan would build my board up and provide fodder for Ertai's ability, which will be used to hinder opponents' strategies and protect my own.

I think all of these strategies can mesh very well together, but my main concern is that I'll be spreading myself too thin if I try to incorporate every single one of these elements to their fullest. That's why I'm looking for help and advice on how to best take this deck.

Tylord2894 on If a Enchantment with counters …

1 month ago

For future reference, you can surround a card's name with double brackets, "[", to link the card's image to the name (i.e. [ [ Harmless Offering ] ] without the spaces turns into Harmless Offering. This works sitewide.

To your question though, a permanent with counters does not lose those counters if someone else gains control of it through a Mind Control or Threaten type effect. In general, there are two ways a permanent can lose counters, effect removes them or that permanent leaves the battlefield.

Hope this helps!!

Flooremoji on say less

4 months ago

Hmm, Muddle seems expensive for what it does, as does Mind Control.

Vedalken Shackles isn't incredibly expensive, and will usually do the job better than MC.

I would invest in cheaper countermagic for protection such as Spell Pierce

Rhadamanthus on If i cast wrangle and …

5 months ago

You won't be able to target the creature you Wrangled with Charming Prince's last ability. Though you gained "control" of the creature, your opponent is still the one who "owns" it, since they're the one who brought it to the game. Charming Prince's last ability can only target a creature you own.

Now if your opponent was to use Mind Control or something similar to take one of the creatures you own, you could use Charming Prince to get it back.

Raging_Squiggle on Fierce Guardianship & Commander

5 months ago

Correct. If you Mind Control someone's commander, you may still cast it without paying its mana cost because it doesn't specify it must be Your commander.

Note that "commander-ness" is a quality of the physical card and not a copiable trait, so having a Clone copying someone else's commander would not satisfy the requirement.

KingBahamut on Bringers or Demigods?

6 months ago

why would it need to be a creature that fills the same role? it could be a noncreature that steals an opponents creature like Mind Control, or it could be a card of a different role entirely. the deck could benefit from more mana rocks/color fixing, or cheap removal spells.

Lanzo493 on Sen Triplets - My Take

8 months ago

It's similar to the Karn, the Great Creator and Mycosynth Lattice lock. Mycosynth Lattice makes their lands artifacts, and since their lands are artifacts, Karn prevents the lands from making mana. This is based on the notion that all lands have an unwritten, assumed activated ability to tap and make mana. That's why Pithing Needle has the little extra rules text saying that activated abilities that produce mana aren't affected.

With that in mind, after you choose a player with Sen Triplets , that player can no longer activate any abilities for that turn. Therefore, they have no way of paying the that Erratic Portal and Crystal Shard demand in order to prevent the creature being bounced. So you can easily bounce any creature they control and then cast it while it's in their hand. You can basically Mind Control any creature on their board if you can bounce it. The two artifacts mentioned above are repeatable bounce effects that function perfectly with your commander.

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