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Spectral Trees! (Unplayable commanders)

Commander / EDH* Mono-Green Ramp Theme/Gimmick Tribal


So Kodama of the Center Tree . One of the only decks on tapped out around him.


I mean, is this deck good? Is it bad? I don't know. It could win in theory. Big dude is sometimes all you need.

But I also see a deck that hurdles and durdles to the extreme that's curve peaks at four and five.

Okay let's back up for a sec.

This is basically a weird stompy deck. It makes lots of mana through extra land drop Exploration and Oracle of Mul Daya or basic ramp like Cultivate. It then plays big dudes and plans to win through pump effects like Craterhoof Behemoth and Triumph of the Horde.

But already things get weird. Because we also have a spirt tribal theme hidden in here. Kodama of the South Tree and Door of Destinies can pump our spirits by playing spirits. We also have creatures that reward us for playing spirits (And arcane but there were like two worth playing) like Elder Pine of Jukai and Loam Dweller.

And then we have Soulshift. We play subpar creatures like Body of Jukai and Forked-Branch Garami to make your smaller spirits like Dripping-Tongue Zubera have great value. You can easily create a soul shift chain having Soul of Jukai get Forked branch kami that gets Elder Pine of Jukai .

Spirits not enough for you? Ashes of the Fallen can make so that you can get back anything back with soulshift.

And let's not forget Kodama of the Center Tree himself. Baku Altar and Honden of Life's Web can make it so Kodama can get very big and get back anything.

So if our stuff is coming back anyway why not have sac outlets for it? Ashnod's Altar and Perilous Forays benefit from having creatures we don't care about. Creatures like Liege of the Hollows and Jugan, the Rising Star have benefits for hitting the yard. Eidolon of Blossoms and Haru-Onna have ETB effects so we can get value before we kill them.

But we also have good blockers like Permeating Mass and Phantom Nantuko and.....

So yeah, this is a weird one. I lean towards this is neat but can't really stand up to other strategies. But who knows? Maybe this is the next tier one EDH deck.

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