This deck was originally called Steampunk, but then I realised the cards revolved more around aether and mana as a source of power rather than steam. Plus, WoTC even admitted that the set went from being Steampunk to being manapunk. Hence, this deck is called Manapunk. I have been working on this deck for a good few months. I know it is not entirely finished but I thought it would be fun to upload anyway.

This deck revolves around using energy counters and using energy counters to power up my creatures or Vehicles. Speaking of which, I use a lot of Vehicles. Mainly because I like the idea of crewing them with Thopters, Servoes and/or Constructs but also with elephants in the event of a Terastodon hitting the field, or something of mine gets Beast Withined. Some of my Vehicles also use aether to power themselves, so that is why they are also included. The three Modules are also included for both function as well as flavour.

Since the ideology of Galvanism is closely related to the Steampunk genre, Sydri, Galvanic Genius is included so that artifacts of mine can be brought to life as well as given deathtouch and lifelink. Furthermore, I thought it would be fun if Sydri could create Transformers with my Vehicles. I have included Saheeli and Tezzeret planeswalkers because of their artifact affinity but also because they come from Kaladesh.

I have discovered an accidental infinite combo. Saheeli Rai's ultimate fetches all three of my Modules. Together with Ramos and Aetherworks Marvel, it creates infinite mana, infinite energy and infinite Servo tokens. Finally with Lightning Runner, I can kill someone with infinite combat steps. With Walking Ballista, I can do infinite damage to someone without having to deal combat damage.

I hope you like this deck. Feedback and advise is always appreciated!

Raven Rose


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