"I have an idea!" ... "But Izzet a good idea, your Geniusness?"

This here is a "buff" deck that relies on buffing a few key creatures to do some massive damage. Thanks to the creatures used, I can allow for a nice control function that also buffs my creatures.

Spellheart Chimera and Riverfall Mimic are our two beaters. Both get buffed with the set-up we have for them, every spell I cast makes Spellheart Chimera stronger and I only need to cast one multicoloured spell to have a dual buff+unblockable effect with Riverfall Mimic .

While Isochron Scepter doesn't really fall in Spellheart Chimera's category, one power isn't really all that big of a deal when the alternative is a constant control grant. The best choices to put on a stick are either Remand for a really good delay and draw combo, or Izzet Charm for a utility artifact that can be useful no matter the situation.

Clout of the Dominus provides in an immense bonus to my creatures for only one mana. Both Riverfall Mimic and Spellheart Chimera get +2/+2 shroud and haste, all for one mana. In my opinion, that is much better than 5 mana for a sword, and the shroud is pro-all colours, so it has even more advantages over a sword. Riverfall Mimic also gets the unblockable effect and becomes 3/3 when you enchant it with Clout of the Dominus, making a formidable 5/5, shroud, haste and unblockable creature for 3 mana. Spellheart Chimera is even more beastly. 2+*/5 with shroud, haste, flying and trample? For 4 mana? Overkill!

Remand ... I used to hate this card. But I realize just how useful it is now-a-days. Like many others, I describe this card as the modern equivalent of a Time Walk. But it's slightly better in this because ... it's a buff now!

Spell Snare is a really useful counterspell in the modern format. Lots of the most important spells are at 2 cmc, and being able to leave just one mana open for them is a huge bonus, putting you one to two turns ahead than what you normally would be without Spell Snare .

Serum Visions is probably the best modern cantrip available. One of my most favourite turn one plays as well. Considering my first few turns of plays are generally me just sitting and playing lands while waiting to counter something, Serum Visions allows me to make a play during those first few turns that not only sets my next two turns up, but also provides a buff to Spellheart Chimera, making it much more advantageous.

Izzet Charm has so many functions which I can use to my advantage, there is no reason why I shouldn't enjoy drawing one! Not only does just casting it buff all my creatures, but it's a Spell Pierce, or a creature Shock, or even a Faithless Looting. Such versatility in an answer for practically everything whether it be killing a creature, countering a spell, or instant speed draw to find an answer that I don't have, makes this an auto-include. The buffs are just an added bonus.

Electrolyze tops my control functions out at 3 cmc. The potential to kill 2 creatures in one, best against token matches that use Raise the Alarm or Lingering Souls, and the ability to draw, provides a nice dish to the opponents face when combined with its ability to buff all my creatures.

The most recent addition, and one that nearly ran away from right under my nose, is Keranos, God of Storms. Blessings of the storms be upon ye, for an indestructible enchantment that not only buffs my creatures, but provides me a really nice situation where I can just sit, wait, and control as the gods of the storms direct their anger at my enemies.

Steam Augury , the final card in this list and the one doozy that really can buff the Spellheart Chimera. If played right I could possibly give a three power (or even on rare-occasions a 4 or 5 power) buff to my chimera all the while getting something important into my hand, such a bonus. Granting the enemy to choose to give you the worst pile of the two made this card a much weaker choice for many. However the ability for Steam Augury to provide a secondary use makes the choice for my opponent even harder, while providing an explosive finish for my creatures ~

The Blessing of the Storms be upon ye should ye prepare for harsher journeys ahead.

Counterflux is to be used against the control match-up, granting me much easier plays, and buffs for all of my creatures.

Grafdigger's Cage and Tormod's Crypt stop against the pesky graveyard interaction decks like lil' snappy, glass cannon, dredge and re-animator. The cage also works quite well against pod decks.

Pithing Needle helps in shutting down combo decks and makes Lili and Elspeth unreliable in the builds that use them.

Pyroclasm works wonders against aggro or affinity. I don't have to worry too much either as Spellheart Chimera will survive the burn and Riverfall Mimic can survive easily enough as well.

Shattering Spree is useful against any artifact that may really destroy me, but it can also be used against affinity as well.

Everyone knows Spellskite and its extreme use against removal, control and combo decks. Hose down a Splinter Twin deck by taking their enchantments, prevent combo from going anywhere by making counterspells uselessly target Spellskite, save you little critters from a flash of a Lightning Bolt or from taking the Path to Exile.

Witchbane Orb helps me against the discard, mill, storm and RDW decks. With this, many of my matches will be skewed in my favor, rejoice!

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