Nivmagus Elemental

Nivmagus Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Exile an instant or sorcery spell you control: Put two +1/+1 counters on Nivmagus Elemental.
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Nivmagus Elemental Discussion

TheRedMage on Card creation challenge

4 days ago

Since there's been so many legendary creatures and permanents lately, I'll make mine not a legendary.

Jund Spell Devourer

Creature - Troll Shaman
: Regenerate Jund Spell Devourer

Whenever Jund Spell Devourer becomes the target of an instant or sorcery your opponents control, you may pay . If you do, exile that spell and put a +1/+1 counter on Jund Spell Devourer.4/4

The first ability is a regeneration ability which I believe all trolls neeed to have. The second is a riff on Devour - I am not sure that ability is red per se, but it was in Izzet colors the last time we saw something similar (Nivmagus Elemental).

Make a card that can exile himself and return itself to the battlefield, except the "return itself to the battlefield" part is optional, and sometimes you will want to leave the card in exile.

Suplex on UR Kiln Fiend

5 days ago

Ground Rift Nivmagus Elemental exile the copies

JoshRigone on Izzet any good?

6 days ago

If you do end up toying around with Nivmagus Elemental then I would highly recommend playing Shattering Spree over Vandalblast in your sideboard. You can replicate Spree a bunch and then just exile all of the copies to pump the Elemental.

car on U/R draw and burn Needs help!

1 week ago

I know it sounds kindof evil, but how about adding in some Nivmagus Elementals. You play a 1 mana instant, deal them 2 damage, and a creature gets 2 1/1 counters. How about adding the pacts. they dont go through because of nivmagus and they deal 2 damage from guttersnipe. or are these too expensive? i dunno. just got a bit carried away with the idea

Noahbernes on StackOverflowException

2 weeks ago

Maybe you could add Nivmagus Elemental?

Frimbleglim on Mono-Red Storm

3 weeks ago

Monastery Swiftspear Blistercoil Weird Might be good. Maybe add Paradise Mantle to go on the blistercoil weird.

You could also run the Nivmagus Elemental/Ground Rift combo.

Oh and add more phyrexian mana spells. Gut Shot Mutagenic Growth

NotaNetDeck on Let's break Zada (spoiler from ...

1 month ago

Not "harsh" as much as almost-deliberately misunderstanding, but I'll give you a pass.

Carrying over the same ideas would mean creating as many targets as possible and casting spells that are fair before they're copied a billion times (e.g. Crimson Wisps). The truth is the lack of blue -- in particular for Nivmagus Elemental -- and the restriction of the ability to spells you cast which results in the targeting of only your creatures makes Zada very narrow, minimally breakable and, admittedly, he/she/it/whatever and Ink-Treader much less similar.

Most of the cards you need but don't have listed at this point don't trigger Zada -- Tempt with Vengeance, Firecat Blitz, and Rapacious One in addition to various Goblin token producers should give you enough targets. Consider the aforementioned Purphoros, God of the Forge and Haze of Rage since you'll have so many bodies. You'll also want Gamble, Anarchist, and Charmbreaker Devils. Given that they don't break Zada, I should assume these will be non grata but the better-natured side of me wants to suggest them to you anyway.

Busse on 2015-10-09 update of Luxuria (RDW)

1 month ago

For starters: thanks to all of you who have commented and upvoted the deck. It is much appreciated!!!
Sometimes late but I deliver!:

Here's the sacrifice I promised

Be sure to check the other decks in the cycle. One deck for each color! Spread the love.
Also claim your Onion Sacrifice if you haven't already!

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