Nivmagus Elemental

Nivmagus Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Exile an instant or sorcery spell you control: Put two +1/+1 counters on Nivmagus Elemental.

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Nivmagus Elemental Discussion

Modson on Steamblast

22 hours ago

I feel a little dumb but I don't understand the strategy behind Nivmagus Elemental

zyphermage on My FNM deck (nivmagus suicide)

6 days ago

I know you need help with the sideboard. But like he said I cannot help you if I do not even understand the mainboard. You obviously know full well how the deck plays, and it basically is a combo deck. You cannot water down combo much with sideboard stuff anyways. I think Nivmagus Elemental is a non-bo with a lot of your cards, especially Gitaxian Probe and Duress. Don't you want to make them discard or draw a card as opposed to exiling them? And if you do, it doesn't help the game plan if you chose to let them resolve since you would not be getting the 2 1/1 counters. I mean yeah this thing could kill t2 but it is so inconsistent. The combo would have to be in your opening hand which makes mulligan with this deck tempting, but every mulligan probably gets worse. Tainted Strike has always been one of those cards, just like nivmagus elemental, that I just looked at saw potential but always found it lacking.

TLDR. Point is you understand the deck probably better than most. Just identify what feels like first worst matchup you would face and dedicate like 8 cards for it. Another 4 for second worst matchup and then a few general sideboard cards. One thing I notice is your Assault Strobe. When do you bring that in? Isn't it already good enough to be in the main? I think lightning bolt does deserve a spot in the main, especially over Slaughter Pact.

DrFunk27 on My FNM deck (nivmagus suicide)

6 days ago

Interesting deck. I think I would play Nivix Cyclops over Nivmagus Elemental It dodges lightning Bolt, and it's a stronger card overall. Also, keep in mind, when you exile a spell with elemental, the spell will not resolve so you can't use it's effects. Sucks, I know. Also, Tainted Strike seems out of place here. Titan's Strength would be stronger. I would also play the new blue cantrip Slip Through Space It's awesome in decks like this. Hope this helps!

jaredpaolo25 on Steamblast

1 week ago

used a similar deck this last saturday tourney. Unstable Footing from SB saved me against fog kind of decks. Also, i pulled out Stormchaser Mage for a Nivmagus Elemental that my friend told me to put in the main. it doesn't quite hit the mark so i SB'ed it. It was good against control decks. :) my standing was 3-1. I lost to a monoblack vampire deck that hit me hard with Diabolic Edict and Geth's Verdict. SB'ed 2 Stubborn Denial and 2 Not of This World but when i drew it, i run out of cards for a one-turn-kill. So i'm kinda stuck when against that kind of decks. :)

RandyRanderson on Relax Bro! It's just a prank!

2 weeks ago

I think I like Noxious Revival instead of Gitaxian Probe because it actually has more of a use beyond Nivmagus Elemental fodder. Great idea!

Saljen on Relax Bro! It's just a prank!

2 weeks ago

Noxious Revival will allow you to pull other cheap/phyrexian cards from the GY to use again and can be tossed to Nivmagus Elemental just as easily. You can also pull back creatures if your opponents are running a lot of removal or discard.

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