Nivmagus Elemental

Nivmagus Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Exile an instant or sorcery spell you control: Put two +1/+1 counters on Nivmagus Elemental.

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Nivmagus Elemental Discussion

mathimus55 on Heroic/Prowess Aggro

1 week ago

If you like the all-in heroic type decks, look up Nivmagus Elemental/Kiln Fiend decks on MTGGoldfish. They did a rogue deck brew and it's very similar to the type of build you're trying to do. The deck is less than $100 to build and can definitely steal wins/FNM's for you to get started into the format. Plus it's actually a huge amount of fun to play.

Lurac on When is a spell removed ...

1 week ago

Okay; I've been pondering this for a long time.

If I use a normal Counterspell to counter any normal spell, say Lightning Bolt, then the stack looks like this.

Lightning Bolt

Counterspell (targeting Bolt)

Resolve from bottom to top.

First, Counterspell resolves and counters the Bolt. I then assume that the Bolt remains on the stack, until the time comes for it to resolve. Then it "remembers" it's been countered, and simply doesn't. Am I getting this right?

Here's my actual question: Assuming that my previous example was correct, are there counterspells (or similar) that remove spells from the stack before they would resolve?

Example: I cast Lightning Bolt. My opponent responds with Reverberate. I have Remand in hand. Can I remand my Bolt to move it from the stack to my hand BEFORE Reverberate resolves, leaving the latter without a target and effectively 1-for-0 my opponent? or does the "if it's countered this way"-clause mean that you wait until the Bolt would try to resolve?

How about Dissipate or Guile

I guess that Nivmagus Elemental and Venser, Shaper Savant would work in this scenario anyway.

kurono on Kiln Fiend Wins

3 weeks ago

Hi kirox317, thanks for your comments.

I have 1 Gitaxian Probe inbound. Magmatic Insight has worked okay so far in testing, but I agree it's not a great way to thin out the deck and dig for better cards.

I think I'll go with your Temur Battle Rage suggestion immediately - seems a solid instant with no downside.

Nivmagus Elemental is not a card I'm familiar with, but I'll definitely consider it.

kirox317 on Kiln Fiend Wins

3 weeks ago

Hey, I would play 4x Gitaxian Probe and not Magmatic Insight. Also I can recommend Assault Strobe or Temur Battle Rage. If you like to play another creature I suggest you to play Nivmagus Elemental if you play against control.

frusciante7 on Viable or terrible?

1 month ago

I've been wondering since TiTi got spoiled. I'm pretty sure there's a deck that's meant to be built around the card but I didn't figure it out yet.

URx is the most likely way to go IMO but I might be wrong. I'm mostly thinking about including phyrexian spells to allow let's say a T1/ 7/8 dude. Gut Shot, Gitaxian Probe, Surgical Extraction and Mutagenic Growth are great cards that would trigger TiTi real fast. Couple them with Nivmagus Elemental and Monastery Swiftspear and I THINK you can have a decent thing gong on :)

Answer to your second question : I'd play both mana dorks (helps you to go off faster) AND Fatestitcher (can get you the win out of nowhere) :)

scipionumantia on Why R U Wasting Mana? Ft. Taylor Swiftspear

1 month ago

how do you plan to boost Nivmagus Elemental? also maybe consider Wee Dragonauts

wasianpower on Storm-like Prowess

1 month ago

Some cards to considers:

Delver of Secrets  Flip

Nivmagus Elemental (although this requires some building around)

Ground Rift

Young Pyromancer

Grim Lavamancer



Temur Battle Rage

I would also reccomend going up 2-3 lands and, if you're not going to use storm cards, cutting a few rituals.

Sirscrimtar on Demi's ~ modern

1 month ago

I would run 4 Blistercoil Weirds and cut the Nivmagus Elementals. Shadow Rift would also be really good. It wouldn't hurt to have Ponder or Preordain.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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