Nivmagus Elemental


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Rare

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Nivmagus Elemental

Creature — Elemental

Exile an instant or sorcery spell you control: Put two +1/+1 counters on Nivmagus Elemental.

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Nivmagus Elemental Discussion

DragonHaiku on Thermosnipe

1 week ago

Nivmagus Elemental plus cipher cards is one of my favorite combos. Also, I don't see it mentioned anywhere but I hope people are aware that enchanting Thermo-Alchemist with Curiosity triggers the card draw. Which is a nasty combo :) Great deck!

barfsymphony on Rakdos Dick Puncher

2 weeks ago

I think you could seriously consider cutting 1x temur battle rage, 2x tainted strike for 3x gutshots in the main. other creatures that would work really well with this deck are Nivmagus Elemental and Blistercoil Weird . Another general approach is to cut out the death's shadow and a couple terminates for storm cards: manamorphose, pyretic ritual/desperate ritual and some low cost haste like Crimson Wisps or Expedite.

HSF117 on Izzet over yet?

3 weeks ago

So to start off I am not super experienced with a Kiln Fiend style deck but I shall try to be helpful and I guess I will make a list of points to make it more clear.

-Blustersquall is a good card but I am not sure that it is good enough to be in a constructed deck. Also, this deck needs a cantrip which would net you card advantage as well as pumping whichever creature you have on the battlefield. So drop 4 Blustersquall for 4 Serum Visions.

-Lightning Bolt should be a 4 of and to do so I would drop the 2x Assault Strobe. Assault Strobe is good, but considering you already have 4 Temur Battle Rage, 6 double strike spells is too many.

-Between your 2 counter spells, Stubborn Denial > Mana Leak so I would drop Mana Leak for 2 more Stubborn Denial.

-If you want to play a pump spell, Mutagenic Growth > Titan's Strength. Yes Titan's Strength adds one more power but you must spend a mana to do so whereas with Mutagenic Growth it only costs 2 life, which saves mana for other spells.

-I believe that 16 creatures is too much and that 3-4 mana creatures are too expensive. So maybe drop Fluxcharger and Nivix Cyclops then add Blistercoil Weird, Nivmagus Elemental, or Thing in the Ice  Flip but my suggestion is Thing in the Ice  Flip. For the remaining 4 cards, I would add 2 Apostle's Blessing and 2 Sleight of Hand.

To summarize:


4 Blustersquall

2 Mana Leak

4 Titan's Strength

2 Assault Strobe

4 Fluxcharger

4 Nivix Cyclops


4 Serum Visions

2 Stubborn Denial

4 Mutagenic Growth

2 Lightning Bolt

4 Thing in the Ice  Flip

2 Apostle's Blessing

2 Sleight of Hand

Sideboard Suggestions:

Blood Moon For when you are playing against decks where the majority of their mana bases are non basic lands.

Dismember For large creatures that you cannot remove with Lightning Bolt

Pyroclasm For small creature decks.

Shattering Spree For artifact decks.

Surgical Extraction For removing threats that you have a tough time removing.

Young Pyromancer For swinging wide with a lot of tokens.

Midn8 on

1 month ago

fantomsokken If you want to surprise people, Nivmagus Elemental might be an interesting choice.

ginko2580 on R/U Frost Burn

2 months ago

Even though I do like the 20/20/20 deck spread, and I didn't see it was a "Budget" deck.... So,.....

do you need 4x Mercurial Geists and 4x Mistfire Adept's? Geist at 2x maybe and a 3X of Mistfire's? add in 3x more Instant/Sorceries. maybe some Pillar of Flame or something that Exiles if it kills it, Magma Spray???... for , That could lightning bolt + Pillar and Exile a 5/5 Creature...???

The Monastery was my first thought for this deck too. "Like A Glove" (wink wink)

you like the Blistercoil Weird over the Nivmagus Elemental??? for stuff like "Prowess" and "Whenever CAST".... even if the spell is Exiled, it would still count for being CASTED and Trigger them........ Guttersnipe???. I like the more permanent 2X +1/+1 Counters.

Would Satyr Firedancer work in here?

and as was kinda "Harshly" mentioned in a previous post..... you might need a Mana/Land fix... R/U Temple with the Scry (I forget the name right now, brain fart!), I like it? Sulfur Falls maybe??

Simon_Williamson on The liquor of magic.

2 months ago

For a casual deck that's fun and good for beginners I'm going to suggest many packages and try to stay budget but some cards are expensive.

Copy Package: Harness the Storm, Quest for Pure Flame, maybe with Surging Flame and Surging AEther. Pyromancer's Ascension is a bit expensive but would work.

Scry Package: Some scry and burn like Magma Jet to get ripple going, OH! maybe Thunderous Wrath, sucks in your hand, but with scry it does work. Riddle of Lightning/Stormchaser Chimera would be interesting with those higher cost cards. Other scry cards are Voyage's End, Augury Owl, Omenspeaker, Geist of the Archives is good to slow down the game, there's also Mystic Speculation and Serum Visions but these are more expensive.

Control: I LOVE Condescend, scry and counter! There are also other staples, like Mana Leak, but I want to suggest more fun options like Essence Flux.

Aggro/Blitz/Burn: Monastery Swiftspear, Kiln Fiend, Lava Spike, Titan's Strength, Temur Battlerage, Assault Strobe, Mutagenic Growth, Artful Dodge, Aqueous Form, Distortion Strike, Akroan Crusader, Young Pyromancer, Bedlam Reveler, Nivmagus Elemental protects against counterspells, Rush of Adrenaline, Grim Lavamancer, Lightning Bolt.

Rituals: Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual and I can't think of too much else in rituals.

Neotrup on "Counter target spell"

2 months ago

Rhadamanthus is entirely correct, but more information on countering spells for the sake of information.

Casting a spell that has targets requires a target for each instance of target. For example, you can only cast Cancel when there is a spell on the stack. If your opponent is attacking with a creature, but not casting a spell, you cannot cast Cancel. If your opponent then casts Giant Growth to make their creature bigger, you can cast Cancel to stop Giant Growth, but the creature will still be attacking and will still deal damage if you don't block or do something else to stop the damage.

If you had Lost in the Mist instead, when the creature attacked you would not be able to cast Lost in the Mist as you would need a spell to target. When they then cast Giant Growth you can target both Giant Growth and the Attacking creature.

The rules can also counter spells, if their targets are not legal. Same example as before, but this time we'll use Unsummon. When the creature attacks, you can use Unsummon to return it to it's owners hand to prevent the damage, but let's assume you won't. When you're opponent casts Giant Growth now you can cast Unsummon the attacking creature.If you do, not only will the creature be returned, but Giant Growth will be countered, because when it goes to resolve the creature won't be there. The countering isn't really important here, because the spell doesn't have anything to do.

Same as the previous example, with you having unsummon, but this time your opponent casts Sudden Strength instead of Giant Growth. Once again you cast unsummon and when Sudden Strength tries to resolve it's countered because it's target is gone. Not only does the +3/+3 not happen because the creatures gone, but they don't draw a card either, because the spell was countered.

If a spell has multiple targets, and only one of them is gone, the spell still resolves doing whatever it can for the targets it has. We'll go back to the Lost in the Mist example, and specify that your opponent is attacking with Nivmagus Elemental. When they cast Giant Growth you cast Lost in the Mist targeting both Giant Growth and the Elemental. Even if they use Nivmagus Elemental's ability to exile Giant Growth (making it an illegal target for Lost in the Mist), Lost in the Mist will still have at least one valid target and will resolve to the best of it's ability. It will not counter any spell, because that target was illegal, but it will return the Elemental to it's owner's hand, saving you from the attack.

theyahcob on Ink-Treader Lab Maniac Modern

2 months ago

Thanks for all the constructive criticism! I'm currently searching for/acquiring a superior mana base, but the Guildgates, Ancient Amphitheater and Transguild Promenade etc. were all I had lying around for the moment. I'll definitely look for those suggested lands; and thanks for the link too!

My only reservation with Heroic creature creation is that none of the copies I create from Ink-Treader Nephilim or Zada, Hedron Grinder count as spells that are cast, so he wouldn't resolve. He would be a good alternative to Nivmagus Elemental if I wanted to focus more on flooding the board.

Do you think that substituting the extra copies of Zada, Hedron Grinder would push my mana curve a bit too far into the midgame? The Wall of Omens copies really help stall to get Ink-Treader Nephilim out, and Marble Titan keeps midrange aggro decks from murdering me outright, but perhaps copying spells would be more pertinent.

I also realized I should have typed the purpose of most of the cards in my description, which I will likely redo soon.

Anyway, thanks for all the tips! It's quite the enjoyable deck to play, when Ink-Treader Nephilim doesn't get instantly murdered.

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