This is my personal Commander Deck for Starke of Rath. The basic idea is that Starke is known for his disloyalty if his sweet flavor text is anything to go by. So I wanted to show that in this deck. The way I did that was by making it a Threaten deck.

Threaten effects AKA spells that steal a creature for a turn, aren't run in commander much since they aren't really considered removal in most decks. However, they are actually very effective with Starke since you can threaten a creature attack an opponent with it and then tap starke to destroy it without losing control of him. You can also tap starke to destroy something let them gain control of him then threaten Starke to take him back and blow up something else if you really got to remove two things on the spot. Also just in case Starke is too busy intimidating your foes, this deck is loaded with cheap sacrifice outlets.

This decks strength is that it can deal with basically any situation and can dish out large amounts of damage without committing much to the board. It is also a fairly cheap deck to construct and can easily be converted into a tinny leaders deck if your group still plays that.

Its weakness is that it plays a very reactive game. If your opponents slow play then you normally end up slow playing. However that is usually fine since this is a deck that is decent at breaking up combos and keeping any given player from running away with it. That being said, this deck does struggle against decks with very few high end creatures.

Side note, since Starke has a bad habit of getting lost, I gave him an Expedition Map so he could always find his Homeward Path. If his path home is already in front of him, then he just needs to look for his Light House.


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