Discard is a pretty rude mechanic, but typically it's only an annoyance. With this deck I'm aiming to cripple my opponents by completely emptying their hand... and discarding them to death.

Caution: Your opponents are going to hate this, so so much.

How Discard Kills

Dealing with Creatures

This deck is super light on creatures, so I've got a few different strats to deal with opponents' creatures.

  • Noetic Scales : The best creature solution, perfectly in sync with the discard gameplan. With no cards in hand, their creatures bounce back to their hand on upkeep. Then I make them discard those creatures.
  • Tainted AEther : Are you sure you want to cast that creature? It's gonna cost you.
  • Ensnaring Bridge : Fine, have your creatures but they can't attack.
  • 2 mass removal + 5 single-target removal + 2 creature sacrifice spells

Long term, the plan is to empty each opponent's hand so they're just hoping to top-deck a creature.

Liliana's Caress

Comments and suggestions welcome!


Updates Add

  • Added Ensnaring Bridge to help stop the threat of combat damage. Removed Transgress the Mind to make room.

  • Added Fractured Powerstone and removed Dark Ritual. This deck is about the long game, I need acceleration that lasts from turn to turn.

  • Added Ruinous Path and removed Ultimate Price. I like that Ruinous Path doesn't have a limit on what kind of creature it can kill, and that it can kill planeswalkers, and the optional mana sink on it (for the late game).

  • Added Unnerve back (removed a couple updates ago) and removed Mind Twist. If I'm going to have a one-off discard spell, I'd like to hit all my opponents at once.


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