This deck is all about replication, packed with an arsenal of spells to create more and more copies of them. Creatures to destroy, creatures to draw cards, creatures to ramp and creatures to end games.

Riku of Two Reflections

"The reflections never stray far from each other, and when danger threatens, enemies face the power of both."

With a goal of casting powerful spells and spending an extra or to copy them, Riku's big moves are mana-intensive. I'm favouring creatures and spells to fetch more land, rather than rely on a lot of artifacts that fall prey to board-wipes and uncontrolled Shattering Spree s.

Enter the battlefield effects are great, but with Riku it's a mere to receive twice the effect. A small price to pay when you look at some of the ETB effects you can double for a mere :

Not enough value for you? How about a handful of alternate options to gain an extra ETB trigger from each of these creatures:

*Added bonus to flicker: When a creature card re-enters the battlefield, Riku's ability to copy them triggers again. So flicker + nets two extra ETB effects.

That's it. Riku's innate copying abilities can't really exploit counterspells and I want to unload my mana to devastate, not hold back 2-3 to threaten an opponent. Plus, I can copy Glen Elendra Archmage .

Having said that, I'll occasionally lead an opponent to believe I have a counterspell in hand.

Battles often end with an army of replicating monsters trampling my opponents to death. Perhaps enhanced with a Craterhoof Behemoth or two, bolstered by an Avenger of Zendikar (or two), accompanied by an Artisan of Kozilek or Giant Adephage (or two, or three, or more).

Some favourite power-plays:

  • Cast a Biovisionary and double it. Then create copies and copies and copies of him.
  • Funnel a pile of mana into a Comet Storm , holding back 2 mana to copy it for lethal damage.
  • Toss a Time Warp into play and copy it, for double the attack phases and time to bring out another wave of monsters.
  • Tooth and Nail for two or four deadly monsters directly into play. Then attack with Haste from Temur Ascendancy .

Suggestions and comments welcome.


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