Hi there, I'm some random 8 year old who thinks he knows this game better than you, and today I present you with the ULTIMATE Atogatog DECK! this steaming pile of absurdly expensive and four cent jank has been masterfully crafted (by yours truly) into an even steamier pile of pure jank that will make you want to eat hunks of metal just like the atogs this deck is based around.

The basic idea of this deck is to draw a hand of five tutors then toot your way into some atogs, atog food, and second sunrise type effects. then you feed the Atog s, bring the food back, do it again, then once you have some nice, plump, and thoroughly disgusting atogs, feed them to the kig daddy lord and savior, Atogatog who you then fling for face damage, then sunrise again to get it all back because you thoretically got the exact perfect hand this game.

features: every Atog (plus Chronatog Totem ) because thats the whole point of this pointless meme only basic lands because budget

very non budget cards(tutors and mycosynthlattice) to offset any good being done by employing said basics only 29 of those basics, but like over a dozen, no, a BAKER'S dozen ways to tutor them

did I mention that I'm running SNOW BASICS!? Because I think dead of winter has cool art and astrolabe is a better prophetic prism, so why not run both

last stand, because I really need a reason to to validate my maniacal need to only run basics

bAsIc LaNdS!1!1?/?

like four boardwipes because nothing happens until at least turn seven (run cyclonic, river's rebuke, etc. if you dont ant to get everybody grumpy by DESTROYing their stuff)

the last drops of my will to live

Sunrise effects bring lands back untapped so with a card like Lithatog you canfloat your mana then sack, return and get more than you started with

possibly add in a Panharmonicon /yarok package since I can repeat ETB triggers by sacking then sunrising?

no gates package because that would resemble mana fixing and we can't have that!

If anybody scrolls this far down without denouncing all that is atog-alicious then please give any advice you can! This is my first list on TappedOut and my first fully home-brewed list in general. :)


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