Hello, I'm empty right now but come back later for a full primer!
Hello and welcome to my $20 budget Zur deck!

$11.67 is the minimum price of the deck as of 6/6/18 based on the LOWEST possible tcg player prices. This price does not include basic lands.

The idea of this deck is to get Arcane Adaptation out with Zur as well as one of the many rebels. After those two pieces are out you can pseudo tutor for any for any creature in the deck and put them into play at instant speed!
The main creature I found that worked very well with this strategy is Timestream Navigator. Being a constant source of extra turns is nice but she can eventually go infinite with enough mana.
Some other cool creatures to find are flagbearers and Perplexing Chimera.
Another nice combo that doesn't require Arcane Adaptation is Cho-Manno, Revolutionary (tutorable with almost any rebel) and Pariah (tutorable with Zur). With this combo you can then stall out and win the game with Azor's Elocutors (Assuming nobody kill your creatures).

This deck is still under heavy construction and will be updated with a primer once I am fully satisfied with the decklist. I am sure there is a lot of cool things you can do with the rebel combo that I don't know about. That being said I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations for this deck!


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