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Hello and welcome to my Zombie/Knight tribal deck!

The main goal of this casual edh deck is to have fun and use interesting and unique interactions between the zombie and knight tribes to create an unstoppable army of undead knights.

Zur the Enchanter

The Intertwining of Tribes

I’ve always wanted to make a commander deck featuring knight tribal. With knights such as Haakon,Stromgald Scourge and Knight Exemplar, the tribe seem to be a powerful one. However I feel the tribe is lacking in a couple aspects.
  • #1 Numbers. There just aren’t enough universally good knights, many of them are ether semi-vanilla creatures that don’t bring a lot to the table or are geared against a specific color.
  • #2 A strong commander. Prior to dominaria, there has never been a strong knight commander. I’ve messed around with other potential commanders, Queen Marchesa and Vona, Butcher of Magan to name a few, however, with the release of dominaria we were given Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. I personally don’t feel that she is very powerful though. Her ability to generate knights is great and helps with the knights number problem, however her second ability feels counterintuitive. With all the great knight effects like Knight Exemplar and Kinsbaile Cavalier I want to attack, not tap to destroy one creature.
I still think knights as a tribe do not quite have the power to create a fully knight themed EDH deck even after release of dominaria, so I decided to “borrow” the power of another tribe, Zombies.
An esper zombie deck has also been an interest of mine due to the release of white zombies in amonkhet (although ironically I didn't end up using any). I quickly found out however, that esper zombies were lacking a good commander as well. So I decided to combine the two with Zur the Enchanter as my commander.
Zur the Enchanter makes for extremely flexible commander in esper and gives me the resources to take full advantage of both tribes. One of the main appeals of Zur the Enchanter is to have instant access to Arcane Adaptation in order to bridge the zombie and knight tribes. He also is very adaptable and gives the means to react to the current board in different ways.
Blanket of night With Zur the Enchanter having instant access to Blanket of Night, we can use all the mana doublers that black has access to which is great as this deck is pretty mana hungry.

Mana Doublers

I’ve also included Sword of Feast and Famine to further double mana (Zur the Enchanter can usually get in for a bit of damage on someone). Crypt Ghast

Mana Rocks

Many of the mana rocks I’ve included are all 2 mana cost to increase the chances of getting Zur out on turn 3. Sol Ring and Gilded Lotus don’t help get Zur the Enchanter out faster but are great for mana acceleration. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is included just as another option for the Blanket of Night effect. Other lands are for mana fixing.
The main way to close out a game is to create an army of tokens and buff them with lords. Diregraf Colossus

Token Generators

  • Diergraf Colossus Can generate a decent amount of tokens for little effort or can get threatening with regular recurring zombies.
  • Lich Lord of Unx While not the best token generator the ability to use a horde of zombies to do direct damage is great.
  • Army of The Dammed 13 zombies. Then another 13, for a total of 26 zombie for one card. Seems good to me.
  • Josu Vess, Lich Knight I LOVE this card, not only can you create a good amount of zombies with him, you can re-activate the kicker if you recur him via casting. (Such as Haakon, Stromgald Scourge and Havengul Lich).
  • Knight-Captain of Eos Not good at generating tokens but can create a fog wall if recurred regularly.
  • Curse of Disturbance/Curse of Shallow Graves Both are pretty good a generating zombies.
  • Undead Alchemist Can be a good option especially if an opponent has gained a lot of life.

  • Necromancer's Covenant While expensive, can provide an okay amount of zombies but also can gain a good amount of life ( is also very good when combined with Undead Alchemist).
  • Endless Ranks of the Dead Slow in the beginning but quickly escalates out of control with a few zombies on the board.
  • Cryptbreaker Just a flexible card. Can be used to discard haakon, make zombies, and give card draw.

Knight Exemplar Knight have very few but powerful lords, and with the sheer number of zombie lords, even the smallest creature will be able to pose a threat.

General Boosts

  • Glen Elendra Liege Boosts all black and blue creatures (pretty much all of them) and has the added benefit of being a knight (also she's riding a freaking BEE).
  • Coat of Arms Be careful with this one if someone else is playing tribal as it can work for them too.

Knight Lords

  • Knight Exemplar A very good lord that can be extremely annoying for your opponents unless they target her directly.
  • Kinsbaile Cavalier Can be a cheap way to give your creatures double strike.
Undead Warchief

Zombie Lords

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge
This deck packs a decent amount of recursion despite have very little cards that deal with recursion.

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge

Haakon is sort of a lieutenant of this deck. If knight is named for Arcane Adaptation, he allows you to replay any creature from your graveyard. He can be a little tricky to get into the graveyard but once he’s there he becomes a real pest for other players.
One way to get Haakon to the graveyard is to put him there directly with Buried Alive (maybe along with some other knights that are instantly recurrable once Haakon is out).
As of now I only have 3 ways to get Haakon into the graveyard from my hand: If Haakon somehow gets exiled, Havengul Lich can work as a wonderful backup. Geth, Lord of the Vault
Once you have reliable recursion, things can get really silly with a card like Rooftop Storm and a sac outlet like Ashnod's Altar. One other recursion item is Nim Deathmantle. Not the best but it can save key creature, gives evasion and Zombifies creatures.
Arcane Adaptation The idea behind Zur being the commander is flexibility.
Need creatures? Go for Curse of Shallow Grave.
Need removal? Go for Detention Sphere.
Need cards? Go for Rhystic Study.

Zur's Removal

All of the above are similar, just be mindful that a boardwipe will give everything you exiled back to your opponents.
  • Act of Authority Second ability not super useful given how enchantment play a large role in this deck. Can still be useful to make sure your opponents don’t play their awesome artifacts or enchantments.

Arcane Adaptation

You can go one of two ways with this depending on your situation:
  • Name knights to take advantage of Haakon and other knight lords.
  • Name zombies to take advantage of the zombie lords.
  • Or just name both with Copy Enchantment.
Ethersworn Adjudicator

Board Wipes and Removal

Court Hussar Other cards that complement the tribal theme of the deck or just value card are listed here.

The "Others"

+1 If you have any suggestions please share them, they are greatly appreciated.


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