Angelic Shield


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth (DDI) Uncommon
Invasion (INV) Uncommon

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Angelic Shield


Creatures you control get +0/+1.

Sacrifice Angelic Shield: Return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Angelic Shield Discussion

Saintdale on How can I enjoy modern ...

4 months ago

HAHA Oh man!!! thanks AkromaPhage6 for picking up on Angelic Shield I am so glad I posted my decks here now :) and can I say I am impressed by the way you noticed them, you must know every card in the data base!

AkromaPhage6 on How can I enjoy modern ...

4 months ago

Also, while we're on the subject, Angelic Shield isn't legal either ;)

Saintdale on Baneslayer Defender - Dale

4 months ago

Hi xyr0s

Thanks for your feedback. Just to Clarify, I don't use Azorius Charm for the draw, I use it to put an opponents card on the top of their deck. This is useful to hold onto until I meet a threat that I cant handle, or a blocking guy that is in the way of my Baneslayer. The way the card out resources my opponent is that it stops them from drawing new cards. When I am stalling, it slows my opponent down, where as when I am winning it stops them from drawing an out to my lead. just so that we know what this card is used for prominently.

You right about discard being an issue, that is why I sideboard those 3 Loxodon Smiter but if you have any other solution that would be great.

You are right to compare this deck to a combo deck. I basically rely on one card to win me the game Baneslayer Angel and the rest of the deck is designed to either protect him or give me time to stay in the game long enough to play him. Even with 4 copies of Bane, I have only a 60% chance of having him in my hand by turn 5. This is why I have made the deck so focused on defending and stalling and drawing. This is also why I use cards like Serum Visions and Wall of Omens, to draw deeper.

You mentioned that I don't have a very great defense line. I just want to run a few things by you. Brave the Sands is not always out so I wont talk about how it lets Fog Bank block any two attackers. I will mention how often I use Azorius Guildmage for her tap effect. This card lets me tap multiples of my opponents creatures. so when my opponent attacks with more creatures than I have defenders, She lets me tap their biggest threat. Angelic Shield give all my walls a buff and acts as a removal at vital times.

The deck has 10 defender cards, I draw these guys a lot. I have a 75% chance of starting the game with one in my opening hand, and I have a 75% chance of drawing a second defender by turn 3. Do you think more defenders? I only ask because You mentioned that a removal and a few creatures will beat this deck. what would your solution be to that?

I really like your advice about supreme verdict. I see how that can turn a game if I am behind. I will purchase 4 copies and see how they go. Path to Exile would be a good replacement for my Angelic Shield actually, I will purchase some of those as well.

Hey thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. Feel free to respond to anything I have said in this comment :)

Thanks again

theMarc on List of EDH Political Cards

1 year ago

It seems you missed one of the vows; Vow of Duty.

War Cadence can both be a bargaining tool, and make your opponents more enticing to attack.

War Tax is another Propaganda effect.

If you've got Felidar Cub on here, you might as well include Kami of Ancient Law, Ronom Unicorn, and Keening Apparition.

Perhaps Seal of Removal and Angelic Shield should be in there with the other seals?

Some pacifism effects only conditionally shut down the creature they're on, and thus can be used politically. Manacles of Decay and Gelid Shackles, for example.

Catapult Squad plus an ample amount of soldiers gives you incredible control over combat math. Players have to start asking you to let their creatures survive combat. Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile and Ballista Squad do similar work.

NotSquishedYet on Bant Junkyard

1 year ago

I don't know if you have the amount of tutoring my own bant commander deck does to make it viable, but Angelic Shield into Clever Impersonator into Progenitor Mimic into Conjurer's Closet etc. is hilarious. It gets a lot of weird looks with a +0/+1 anthem followed by a 0/1 clone, cloned by another 0/1 clone...

Progenitor produces an Impersonator with its own text, then you exile/return progenitor as a copy of the token it made; it now makes two tokens per activation. Repeat ad infinitum retaining one 0/1 and cloning with the rest.

I think all of the cheap clones could be useful here, though I'd have to find their names to suggest them individually... Also, no golem deck is ever complete without the Precursor Golem + Rite of Replication combo, which produces (if I remember correctly) roughly 200 golems upon the first casting of the Rite, and several hundred million upon the second.

Brago, King Eternal could get funny... As well as a card or two from Kaladesh block once it's released. The one that immediately comes to mind is Panharmonicon as it doubles literally everything in the deck. Eerie Interlude and Elite Arcanist honestly seems like a busted combo in this deck if you can pull it off.

Props to you for the golem theme! I haven't seen a commander deck that explicitly uses it, and despite its ability to cheaply overrun nigh on anything, I don't think I'd hold anything against you for running it because it isn't inherently unfair and it's totally unique. Best of luck brewing!

NotSquishedYet on Prison School

2 years ago

Fair point. I was thinking of a different deck when I wrote that. Always Watching would probably be better than Glorious Anthem, and Angelic Shield could be run as well.

Unfortunately, many of the warden effects I know are strictly inclusive of green. This comes from me having fine-tuned my own commander deck so that, with enough time, I can tutor pieces that stall and interfere until I have an absolutely flawless shield. Supreme Verdict is the only way to break it, until I acquire either Elspeth or Avacyn. Cyclonic Rift is already laughably ineffective, and as I said - I'm one piece away from removing the last chink.

NotSquishedYet on Free Will's End (Acquire List)

2 years ago

Made some changes... I think I've officially dropped all of my powerhouse wincons.

Who needs wincons... when you can use other peoples' wincons? :D

Ith, High Arcanist is a funny dude. Showed up and said nothing would happen. With Illusionist's Bracers and Crawlspace down, preferably including Arcane Lighthouse and/or Glaring Spotlight to deal with pesky creatures... well, surprisingly enough, nothing ever did happen.

Welcome Kaseto, Orochi Archmage for his political prowess and control over situations I'm not involved in. Also welcome Thada Adel, Acquisitor for when she needs called in against pesky decks.

Kaseto's good friend, Edric, Spymaster of Trest is on the block, asking if I'm really the one you want to attack here. Edric, now, brought the whole gang of Ephara, God of the Polis, Mentor of the Meek, and Selvala, Explorer Returned to a Rhystic Study of sorts, and he's thinking of bringing Reki, the History of Kamigawa to help out.

We found some dude in Nephalia who seemed to like messing with reality, so we put Nephalia Smuggler to work with Progenitor Mimic copying copies of itself copying copied other things until it could copy entire armies at once. Neat. People also seem to forget who they're allied with after a short trip through the interplanar Aether. Clever Impersonator wanted to join the fun, so an Angelic Shield was set up. Now the Progenitor's started copying entire armies of copiers, too. Because I really need 35 of everyone's nonlegendary everything.

Vesuvan Shapeshifter got in while everyone was drunk, and we let him stay for the card tricks. Strange guy, but you'll never hear a better knock-knock joke than when your Progenitus meets itself across the field and has a mid-life crisis because they can't touch each other.

I'm still considering many of the suggestions piled up under the deck - I haven't had much time to think beyond this, which I know I'd like to do. For the play-style of the deck, it might be noted that I rarely want to draw cards... the card draw is just a convenient bonus on occasion and a way of getting what I need to get what I actually want from my deck. The slow, high mana cost cards will almost always be cheated into play. If not, I'll tutor some stupid combo to somehow get them out of my hand.

Remember, I can do things like turn Muddle the Mixture into Eladamri's Call to tutor Drift of Phantasms and turn it into Wargate to land whatever I need, such as Eternal Witness to recur Wargate and grab a Sun Titan, kill the Eternal Witness, Wargate Birthing Pod, and Birthing Pod whatever to cheat Reya Dawnbringer into play, all using random spare mana between turns and one or two turns of mana for a solid advantage.