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I just realized I didn't answer your question very well. If you don't run the mask I'd cut:
Brave the Sands Just not worth the card slot without the mask.
Cryptolith Rite Unless you want it for the mana fixing/ramp.
Fabricate Basically just a tutor for the mask.
Tezzeret the Seeker Same as above with some extra utility.

As for replacements I found one off manifest cards to actually be quite good (like Temur War Shaman). I've had a lot of fun with Parallel Thoughts, helps to not mess with the top of the deck and has actually saved me from losing due to milling allowing me to steal back the win! Soothsaying is also just a really solid card, help and interacts with so many parts of the deck.

Unless you are hellbent on getting rid of the mask I would ask people you play with if it's fine if you use a proxy of it. Everyone I have played with is ok with me using a proxy of a super old janky card. But of course that choice is up to you.

July 30, 2018 9:22 p.m.

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I have seen the C18 spoilers and I am really exited about the new card that are coming with it!
This decklist currently needs to be updated as I have switched a couple things around. If you don't want to run Illusionary Mask I'd cut Brave the Sands as well. You might also want to cut Cryptolith Rite as well because I was mostly using it as a flipper for the mask. As for replacements I recently found a great enchantment for top deck manipulation, Mirri's Guile.

Just as a side note; after playing this deck more and more I've realized some problems with it. I found myself losing far to often to combat damage from standard EDH creatures (like a 5/5 flying for example), and while having low power creatures works in my favor for cards like Meekstone it really limits my wincons to one hit killers.

While Aminatou is great for putting cards back on top, I am more exited about Estrid as a potential commander for an evolution of this deck. The main difference I've been thinking about between this deck and its evolution is the abandonment of cards that limit me to 2 power (like Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa). Cutting of the power restrictions of this deck opens up a whole new world of one hit killers, creatures with infect; and with Estrid as a commander I could use the mask auras (which to me seems very flavorful) to protect my creatures when they attack in. I can also have a small enchantment sub-theme as Estrid cares about enchantment and many manifest cards are enchantments.

Of course if you don't like the idea of infect or Estrid as a commander, feel free to ignore my ramblings in that last paragraph.

July 30, 2018 8:40 p.m.


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