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When a Good Man goes to War

Commander / EDH Multiplayer Tokens WB (Orzhov)


Casual Planeswalker EDH deck based on producing masses of tokens and draining life for total board control.

For those of you who don't know, Planeswalker EDH is a casual format of... a casual format.
Instead of a legendary creature, a Planeswalker serves as General, and follows most of the same rules (i.e. Command Zone, Additional Casting Costs, etc.). However, a player cannot win through "commander damage," because not all planeswalkers have access to it, making Gideon Jura and Chandra Nalaar a big advantage.
Also, you can't have any planeswalkers in the deck aside from your general: this is because many have multiple versions, and having 3 Lilianas in your deck against someone who uses her as general would suck for them (thanks again, Planeswalker Rule).

If it sounds like something you'd like, try it. It's fantastic, and a great change from normal EDH.

If you're interested, here are my friends' decks:
Some Kind of Madness
EDHP tezzeret,agent of bolas
Thanks everyone!


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Wow, I'm so glad people are digging the format so much! I can't believe how well it's caught on. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, +1'd, or just found this interesting.

Don't forget, I want to know if you have any suggestions for the format/my deck in general, any luck trying your hand at Planeswalker EDH, anything.

Thanks guys!


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