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Deliberate Denial of Dinar to the Destitute

Commander / EDH* Mono-Black


I need a budget version of my overtuned shirei deck (Here) for FNM, here we go sharks

Keeping overall deck price to $300 (going by quoted CardKingdom price)

In the Spirit of FNM, I am trying to make this deck more casual, so whipping out cards like Imperial Seal isn't the vibe. I also removed the more competitive infinite combos. There are technically still a few in here, but they are all 3-4 pieces and involve the main win-cons of the deck. The main wincons are now commander beat down and (gradual) life drain via Fallen Ideal and Zulaport Cutthroat. There is still a stax theme but no Winter Orb or Static Orb.


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93% Casual


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