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Atraxa's Many Superfriends [Help wanted!]

Commander / EDH* GWUB Superfriends



I'm trying to put together my first deck in a couple of years!

I've always thought superfriends was an awesome archetype but haven't been able to play it before.

The general idea of the deck is to win with various powerful planeswalker abilities by getting multiple turns and proliferating.

I can also go infinite with The Chain Veil , Tezzeret the Seeker , a big mana rock and one of the untapping planeswalkers.

I've not quite trimmed the deck enough yet and am hoping for some help with that! Any input on which cards to cut would be great!

I'd also be interested to know if I've missed some key archetypes in the deck (do I have enough removal?)

Thanks for any help in advance!


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I've trimmed a bunch of cards out into my maybe board after a bit more testing. I've added Ponder Preordain and Gitaxian Probe in the hope that things will be a bit more consistent.

I'm trying to choose which cards from my maybe board deserve a place in the deck.

Suggestions would be appreciated!


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