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Alirios [PAUPER EDH]

Pauper EDH* Mono-Blue



The idea of this deck is to use it's many bounce spells to keep your opponent off of threats by returning them to their hand OR boucing your Alirios and their creature netting the extra bonus of being able to cast your Commander again making another/more tokens. Also, hopefully causing them to get soo far behind that it's detrimental and causes a scoop, or you just beat with Reflection tokens. You can loop Deprive very easily with your Mystic Sanctuary making it easy to counter their important spells. You can re-play most of your spells if need be by using any Mnemonic Wall ability with a Ghostly Flicker type effect. Muddle the Mixture usually goes for Zephyr Charge (mainly) but can fetch other good stuff. It's fun to make 2-3 or your replections fly over your oppoent's creatures every turn, or make your tokens able to block some of your opponent's creatures. This deck is surprisingly good against some redular EDH match ups. I play in on MTGO against regular EDH and have been surprised at times how well this deck can hold it's own. A counterspell is a couterspell in any format and usually can hurt just as bad. Bouncing your openent's creatures can sometimes be bad so there are a few spell/enchantments like Kasmina's Transmutation that can turn them off and make them easier to kill. Keep Watch is a super tech card when playing against tokens. I have been lucky enough to play the Keep Watch and draw most of my deck finding the Echoing Truth and in turn boucing their board of tokens and taking little to no damage. They pass turn and I can usually play a plethora of spells from my ginormous hand. Fun stuff! The deck is pretty straight forward to play. You try to control & attack when ideal.

EDIT 7-1-23, I added Peregrine Drake and Merchant Scroll since Ghostly Flicker,Displace,Mnemonic Wall and Archaeomancer were already in the deck. This helps with looping Capsize infinitely. Figured it was worth adding. The deck itself does a great job of keeping my opponent's "things" in their hand rather than on their board as it sits, but I can make use of the Drake and the Scroll by themselves if the combo is out of reach.

Always open to constructive criticism/deck building discussion. Thanks for looking!



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