Alirios, Enraptured

Alirios, Enraptured

Legendary Creature — Human

Alirios, Enraptured enters the battlefield tapped.

Alirios doesn't untap during your untap step if you control a Reflection.

When Alirios enters the battlefield, create a 3/2 blue Reflection creature token.

Alirios, Enraptured Discussion

adboyer on A House of Cards

2 months ago

Thank you for the suggestions multimedia. I updated the deck with a couple of those suggestions; namely Lavinia of the Tenth since that can also help me swing in with my tokens if they have a lot of blockers as well as stop aggro strategies.

I ended up cutting Alirios, Enraptured for Stonehorn Dignitary since it also offers some political leverage. I also didn't want to cut Skybind just yet, since that will be my stand-in till I buy Teleportation Circle . The idea being that I need some redundancy for my commander, and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is a little out of my price range.

I considered cutting Solemn Simulacrum or one of my other ramp pieces for Knight of the White Orchid , but I am not sure about that since solemn provides color fixing. I don't think I should cut one of the mana rocks since they are vital combo pieces. What do you think?

TheVectornaut on Blue/Black Beginner Deck

5 months ago

I think this deck is really well-positioned to become a "draw-go" style control deck that plays instants and flash creatures on others' turns. Pteramander , Augur of Bolas , Brineborn Cutthroat , Threnody Singer , Vodalian Arcanist , Naiad of Hidden Coves , Wavebreak Hippocamp , Murmuring Mystic , and all of your instants (save for the likely too slow 4 mana ones) already fit in such an archetype to at least some extent. The horse fish is particularly insane as a card draw engine, and I'd try to get a playset of it if you can. Stacking them to draw even more cards with Nymris, Oona's Trickster , Baral, Chief of Compliance , Slitherwisp , etc. would also make Ominous Seas more viable, possibly even supplemented by draw payoffs like Chasm Skulker and Nadir Kraken .

Some other options that care about flash might be Cunning Nightbonder , Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , Leyline of Anticipation , Torrential Gearhulk , and Mystical Teachings .

For more generally good instants, Counterspell , Mana Leak , Countersquall , Frantic Search , AEtherize , Vapor Snag , Rewind , Cryptic Command , Opt , and Brainstorm (if you're playing with the legacy banned list) are options of varying budgets and power levels for a control deck.

The first cards I'd cut would be anything with suspend or that applies keyword ability counters. I think some amount of counter manipulation would be needed to maximize the value from such cards (with Clockspinning , Jhoira's Timebug , Paradox Haze , and Nikara, Lair Scavenger being a few things that come to mind). Then, I'd cull any sorceries or creatures that would take up all your mana on your own turn for minimal impact. Dead Revels , Frost Lynx , Alirios, Enraptured , and so on.

Sorry it took me a while to submit this after seeing the deck get posted earlier this week. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your build!

pugzly101 on Brago Flicker Nonsense

1 year ago

Thanks for the comment HELLcaster19.

As far as the auras are considered, this is rules faux pas by me. I was under the impression you could order the triggers and re-entry of creatures and just re-attach it to whatever you wished. These will almost certainly come out in favour of of a more efficient card draw spell.

Alirios, Enraptured I cracked in pre-release and I wanted to try and make it work, but I have to say it is first on the chopping block. Whirler Rogue is in to give Brago unblockable & provide chump blockers.

Reflector Mage is definitely on the to buy list. One of those cards I just hadn't gotten around to buying. Version 1 of the deck was about £55 and have been upgrading slowly. Also goes with synergising with Marble Titan & Dusk / Dawn much better.

Thanks for the suggestions!

HELLcaster19 on Brago Flicker Nonsense

1 year ago

pugzly101 Great deck!

May I ask what the Traveler's Cloak and Pentarch Ward generally target upon re-entry(if they are flickered at all)? Assuming that they are being flickered by Brago, along with himself, they will not be able to attach themselves to your commander.

May I also suggest a strong consideration for Reflector Mage or possibly even a Lavinia of the Tenth? Personally, I would swap out the Alirios, Enraptured and/or Whirler Rogue (although, an unblockable army does sound appealing).Unless you plan to go full token generation and play hyper aggresively, the two cards do not fit the general theme.

These two offer a lot of breathing room as the Mage can bounce creatures back and prevent them from being cast for an entire round. Lavinia is just great at locking out a large chunk of your opponents board!

Or perhaps even an Aven Fogbringer if you really want to cut someone out of the game for a while :)

Deadpoo111 on The Ultimate Alirios Brewing Challenge

1 year ago

I was reading commander predictions on EDHREC today and the author, Kyle Massa said the following about Alirios, Enraptured:

"There’s no way Narcissus—I mean Alirios—is ever going above 600. (Man, I can’t get anybody’s name right today.) It’s 5/5 worth of stats, half of which you can’t use, and the scariest thing you can do is blink it several times to create…more vanilla 3/2s. This card is never going over 600. Never. In fact, if Alirios, Enraptured goes Over, I will record myself cosplaying as a Therosian minotaur and singing karaoke to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

So here's the challenge mtg community, lets brew up an amazing Alirios deck to inspire more people to play him and all post our deck lists, because honestly, I really want to see a minotaur singing justin beiber