Enlightened Maniac

Enlightened Maniac

Creature — Human

When Enlightened Maniac enters the battlefield, put a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token onto the battlefield.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Enlightened Maniac Discussion

Holmhollow on WHISPER // Grandpa Heard The Sea Calling

2 years ago

Flooremoji Ooh, I really need to put Enlightened Maniac in there. There's room for some blinking shenanigans and it's very on-theme. Thanks!

I eventually decided that I could do without artifact recursion, given that none of them are crucial to the game plan and counterspells could possibly stop them from being removed. It's losing the enchantments that would hurt more, I reckon.

Armillary Sphere might be a good include, I'm not wholly sure what to cut though. 4 mana fixing feels less important to me than 2-mana ramping, and Seer's Lantern and Commander's Sphere provide other benefits. I'll see if I can juggle them around a bit, see what I prefer.

I recently switched commanders from Sivitri Scarzam , who I only used for colour identity (occasionally cast her to slap on Phyresis and Whispersilk Cloak if entirely out of options). Nebuchadnezzar felt more on-theme as the old man from the story, so I put him in and never actually cast him. But I suppose you could get to infinite mana and infinite untaps to bin everyone's hand forever, so I'll edit that in :)

Flooremoji on WHISPER // Grandpa Heard The Sea Calling

2 years ago

Where is your commander in the desription? :). Drafna's Restoration is another way to get back artifacts. No Armillary Sphere ? I would definitly play that card even though it's not a horror. Nice theme, is Enlightened Maniac worth an include?

wereotter on Archeology for Dummies

2 years ago

From my own experience, a couple cards I found are decent:

Enlightened Maniac gives you two bodies, one of which is a 3/2 token, which is about on par with the other tokens your deck currently makes, and gives you a body you can throw in front of attackers since you don't have to care if the maniac dies.

Sublime Archangel is a real powerhouse and can turn one attacker into a larger presence guaranteed to get through for damage.

Silverblade Paladin gives you the opportunity to get extra damage on whatever token you target with Temmet's ability.

Lastly, while a slower card, Titan Forge can be a real threat, especially when combined with Silverblade Paladin as the golem you get will be able to hit someone for 20 damage.

Dadada5717 on Eldrazi Horrors. lots, and lots, and lots.

3 years ago

Maybe add a couple duals to your mana base, I don't know of a lot of eldrazi so I'll look into that. Maybe an Extricator of Sin  Flip for use with your extra Enlightened Maniacs?

wereotter on

4 years ago

Few cards I've gotten good results from in my own Temmet deck,

Enlightened Maniac gives you a 3/2 token when it enters plus gives you a creature you can willingly throw in front of an attacker.

Master Splicer creatures a 3/3 token that he buffs to 4/4 and Temmet will then buff to 5/5, so pretty good. Also if you have him out, Titan Forge will pop out 10/10 golems.

Battlegrace Angel and Celestial Mantle are both great supports for your attacking token for life gain, and Battlegrace Angel also gives you an exalted trigger.

But looks like a solid deck! Good job :)

WargRave on Lusus Naturae

4 years ago

Hi, nice deck! I like the theme. I've got a few suggestions, if they're not what you're looking for pay me no mind.

You mention a combo with Gutter Grime and Altar of Dementia, but Gutter Grime says nontoken. I don't know if you consider the combo critical to their inclusion since they both work fine alone though.

Baton of Morale is cute, but it seems worse than simple Whispersilk Cloak at giving Sidisi more attack triggers, and I don't see where it fits the flavor.

You've got Sultai Banner and no Commander's Sphere, so that's a fairly easy swap.

35 lands and average CMC 4 seems low, even counting the emerge effect. There are still more good budget lands available: Temple of the False God, Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse, (which are probably better than Foul Orchard, but I don't know if that's included for flavor) and Drownyard Temple which synergizes with self-mill and fits in Innistrad flavor too. There's hardly any ramp here, what about Rampant Growth, Cultivate, etc?

Draw looks really light too, especially for UBG. I don't know if you are bound to flavor to the point of rejecting good ol' Concentrate, but we can find some on theme things like Treasure Cruise that appreciate the milling. Ancient Craving at least sounds like eldritch horror, and Read the Bones, Night's Whisper, and Sign in Blood all sort of work too. Sift seems better than Amass the Components since you'd rather discard than put to bottom, though Sift has no flavor.

It's also light on artifact/enchantment removal to my eye. Reclamation Sage, Bane of Progress, and others fill this role while also being creatures to give Sidisi zombies.

As for what to take out that I haven't mentioned, what catches my eye as not pulling their weight are Altar of the Brood (without an infinite combo this will just help opponents), Enlightened Maniac (low impact, no graveyard synergy), Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip (slow), Geralf's Masterpiece, Momir Vig, Simic Visionary (not a huge number of triggers for him, the only other blue AND green creature is Sidisi), and Brood Monitor (Nice with blink effects but you haven't any).

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