Worldsoul Colossus

Creature — Elemental

Convoke (Your creatures can help cast this spell. Each creature you tap while casting this spell pays for or one mana of that creature's colour.)

Worldsoul Colossus enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

raspberryfish25 on Emmara, Token Queen

2 years ago

I think you have a strong base for a Selesnya token deck but, I am not sure if Emmara, Soul of the Accord is the best choice for your commander. Emmara wants you to tap her and I don't see a lot of ways to tap her in this deck. Maybe consider switching your commander to Trostani, Selesnya's Voice which might work better to get out tokens.

If you want to use Emmara maybe you could look to add a few vehicles to this deck. Personally I think a card like Smuggler's Copter would be a great addition to this deck because, it gives you card filtering and a tap outlet for Emmara. Citanul Hierophants could also help you ramp and will give an additional tap source for Emmara. Nature's Chosen is an older card but would work really well with Emmara. I see you have some cards with the convoke ability which I think is strong in this deck. Maybe consider adding some more convoke cards like, March of the Multitudes , Chord of Calling , Scatter the Seeds and, Conclave Tribunal ?

This deck seems really light on card draw / card advantage, consider using some of these cards to help you draw. Skullclamp which will draw you an insane amount of cards off Emmara alone and, is almost an auto include in a token deck. Idol of Oblivion , Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury , Huatli, Radiant Champion , Season of Growth and, Ohran Frostfang are all really good cards that will give you card advantage and synergies with your token theme. One last card you might consider is Well of Lost Dreams especially if you find yourself gaining a lot of life off the Emmara tokens.

Lastly, I would consider removing these cards, Eidolon of Blossoms , Evangel of Heliod , Oakhame Ranger , Worldsoul Colossus , Banishing Light and, Collective Voyage . While I don't think these cards are bad I don't they they are impactful enough in this deck.

I would consider adding these cards, Parallel Lives , Doubling Season (if you can afford it), Castle Ardenvale , Beastmaster Ascension , Collective Blessing (maybe consider removing some of your smaller anthem effect like, Honor of the Pure for bigger anthem effect like these), Eladamri's Call , Eternal Witness , Champion of Lambholt , Generous Gift and, Beast Within .

Hopefully some of these suggestions helped but, I think you are off to a really good start with your deck!

Nasser_inside1 on Will it weenie?

2 years ago

Ever considered Worldsoul Colossus since you have many creatures?

You can also add Hunted Witness , Wake the Reflections , Noble Hierarch

Murphy77 on Simply Enchanting copy M2

3 years ago

Adding mana-ramp with Llanowar Elves and Nissa, Who Shakes the World certainly seems like an improvement. I love the God-Eternal cards in this deck and they are likely to be very powerful later in the game.

As a matter of personal preference, I have always considered that Legion's Landing  Flip and Worldsoul Colossus will slow down most Selesnya decks, and tend to avoid them. When you, however, read the text of those cards they seem to have a lot of potential and are certainly included in many decks.

I would still look to add another 1 or 2 Unbreakable Formation

Mwncisee on The Invocation of the Lands!

3 years ago

Added Trollbred Guardian to the Maybe board although I will put it in in place of Emmara, Soul of the Accord . I know it feels as though Emmara is a better fit but I have found in practice I am maybe only tapping Emmara to convoke the Venerated Loxodon or Worldsoul Colossus , so maybe only tapping it twice in a game to create a single 1/1 soldier with lifelink each time. March of the Multitudes is much more of an engine for this and given that by the time we play this we have created some big creatures using Worldsoul Colossus and Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi (the later can be evoked very early on in the game if an Incubation Druid has been used), the ability of Trollbred Guardian to give our Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi Trample on top of it's instant speed and haste makes for some very nasty synergy.

Mwncisee on Selesnya Proliferate

3 years ago

I have been working on a very similar deck (I’ll post and link it a bit later). I’m looking at exploiting the convoke and proliferate abilities maybe more than you have here but with so many tokens being able to be bought into play maybe consider Worldsoul Colossus . You can use all the tokens you have created to help cast it and make it much bigger.

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