A bit of pain never hurts.

Deck Description

Hello, I am Sheld and this is my Grixis commander deck with Ludevic and Vial Smasher as its commanders. This deck is not supposed to be competitive. It was made to be fun to play casually with friends. The deck is themed to be evil, chaotic and sometimes unpredictable. The sub-themes of the deck are as follows:

Pain sub-theme -> cards which periodically damage opponents in various ways

Card-Draw Pain sub-theme -> cards that damage opponents for drawing cards and other card draw triggers

Goodstuff -> goodstuff cards that fit the theme, are fun to play and/or are synergestic with the rest of the deck

Of course, the deck also contains some control, card-draw, ramp and all the usual. I tried to include cards that either fit well into the theme or work well with Vial Smasher and the rest of the deck.

Give the deck +1 if you like it and and let me know what you think about it. Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated. :)

Deck Strategy

The deck is a little bit "goodstuffy" so it does not have very complicated strategy. There are some obvious wheel effect + card-draw trigger synergies, but other than that it is pretty self-explenatory.

Use Ludevic to draw an extra card each turn easily and maybe make your opponents a little bit less angry with Vial Smasher and the rest of your deck. If you can create any wheel effect combo go for it. If not, then just play the goodstuff.

When everybody starts to get low on health because of your painful permanents, you have to finish them quickly with Vial Smasher or some other finisher before they all agree on killing you to remove the evil.

There is no direct wincon like some powerful combo but there are bunch of strong synergies and big scary cards which can generate enough tempo to claim the victory in the lategame.

Notable card synergies

  • card-draw / discard triggers + wheel effects

  • wheel effects + delve cards -> thanks to wheels you'll have enough cards to exile from graveyard

  • Vial Smasher + Delve cards and other discounts like Blasphemous Act

  • Vial Smasher + Mind's Dilation -> Mind's Dilation lets you cast spells in your opponents' turns allowing you to trigger Vial Smasher more often

  • Vial Smasher + Instant cards -> casting spells in your opponents' turns as well gives you more Vial Smasher triggers

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