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Mardu Roughrider Tapdown Midrange

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This deck aims to constantly attack, but will not kill opponents quite as fast as more traditional aggro decks that want a dead opponent by the end of turn 5 or 6. Instead, this deck wants to take an aggressive mid-range strategy, building advantage while quickly whittling down life totals.

The main pillars of the deck are all the creatures that make give friendly creatures evasion or make enemy creatures unable to block. While the commander is one such effect, it is far from the only one, and therefore Roughrider getting countered or quickly removed should not stop the deck from functioning. By having multiple of these effects active every combat step, blocking favorably should be nearly impossible for opponents since they would have to hold bacl several blockers to successfully block a single attacker.

The next major focus of the deck is creatures that take advantage of not being blocked. Some generate card advantage by drawing cards, forcing opponents to discard, or returning lands from the graveyard, while others act as repeatable removal or put +1/+1 counters on other attackers. The main thing they all have in common is that they are often fragile and would not be able to attack without dying very often without the rest of the deck clearing a path for them.

The last focus of the deck is to stay alive despite constantly attacking. This takes several forms, including creatures with extort, lifelink, and vigilance. The smattering of removal in the deck is also aimed at taking out large attacking enemies, since effective blockers will be few and far between.

There is also one last tool that deserves to be mentioned, and that is protection spells. These instants are incredibly flexible, allowing oit attackers to dodge removal and attackers, allowing small defenders to survive blocking large enemy threats, and making prison enchantments like Arrest fall off of friendly offensive creatures.


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