Admiral Beckett Brass


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Ixalan (XLN) Mythic Rare

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Admiral Beckett Brass

Legendary Creature — Human Pirate

Other Pirates you control get +1/+1.At the beginning of your end step, gain control of target non land permanent controlled by a player who was dealt combat damage by three or more pirates this turn.

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Admiral Beckett Brass Discussion

ACDAMAN on Ixalan Pre Release 5-0 Grixis Pirates 1st Place

23 minutes ago

Firehyphen Turns out that I ended up getting Admiral Beckett Brass and Hostage Taker along with a bunch of pirates! Went 2-1 with the only match that I lost going to 1-1 until he wiped my board for the win. Really close match!

I'll post my board later!

Oloro_Magic on Pirate Relic Seekers

19 hours ago

If you were to take this deck out of being a purely limited deck I would focus in on key creatures, for pirates the best in my opinion are Siren Stormtamer, Admiral Beckett Brass, Dire Fleet Captain, Siren Lookout, Dreamcaller Siren, Fathom Fleet Captain, Dire Fleet Captain, Hostage Taker, and Ruin Raider.

You would also want more consistent removal, Fatal Push, Vraska's Contempt, and Walk the Plank (though Walk will be meta dependant). Of course this means dropping cash on the deck, the most important thing is just making the deck more consistent by focusing in on some key cards.

Gody322 on Pirate Deck

23 hours ago

If you want it to be an aggressive deck you might want to cut everything above 3 mana, other than Admiral Beckett Brass, I would try Rigging Runner and you might want to play Lightning Bolt to finish off your opponent late game.

P.S. I love pirate too Ixalan is awesome!

CaoJin on Need help with Grixis Pirate ...

4 days ago

Hi all! With ixalan around the corner and my draft booster box on the way I've decided to go ahead and try out a grixis themed pirate deck led by Admiral Beckett Brass to pillange and plunder my way through my opponents!

I was just wondering if I can get some feedback on these main points:

1- Creatures to cut/add?

2- More non-creature spells?

3- Ways to streamline the strategy

Thanks again for your time, here is the deck below

Men of Low Moral Fiber (Pirates)

multimedia on XLN Pirates (First Draft)

6 days ago

Hey, I know Admiral Beckett Brass is the new hyped Pirate lord, but I don't think you need her here. I would cut her for more Ruin Raider and Fathom Fleet Captain. I would rather spend the mana that I would use to cast Brass to make more Pirates who have evasion with Captain.

I would also cut Dreamcaller Siren for Kitesail Freebooter with more Freebooter main deck or in the sideboard.

RazortoothMtg on Kaizoku Ou Ni Ore Wa Naru

1 week ago

Have you considered Deadeye Quartermaster? Grabs both Fell Flagship and Conqueror's Galleon , as well as some smaller-impact cards like Prying Blade or if you added it, it could fetch some Greaves or Boots to protect Admiral Beckett Brass.

What about Fiery Cannonade? It's a Pyroclasm for token and other aggressive decks that spares your board. Totally based on what your playgroup looks like tho.

Lightning-Rig Crew can potentially do a lot of damage in multiplayer, and isn't usually taken as a serious threat so it can sit and accrue value over the long game.

Kitesail Freebooter, although small and fragile, can mess with combo decks as well as be evasive to help trigger beckett brass. If there aren't a ton of combo decks in your meta I wouldn't run it tho.

Happy Plundering!

Grunyarth on Grixus Swarm Pirates

1 week ago

A lot of people have been considering Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh in pirates decks, but I think he's far to slow for the deck. I'd Personally run Lightning Strike, Fatal Push or Unlicensed Disintegration instead of Walk the Plank, as it is double black (which is hard for a 3-color Deck(especially with Unclaimed Territory)), and sorcery speed. I think Skyship Plunderer and Admiral Beckett Brass are the weakest of the creatures, and could maybe be swapped out for Dire Fleet Captain, Metallic Mimic and more 1 drops.

You also should certainly not run Anointed Procession, as there aren't many token generators and the mana is way to bad for a 4-color deck.

Sharkfists on Pirate Tempo

1 week ago

Yeah, I think Perilous Voyage is exactly what this deck wants to be doing. Definitely going to find some space for it.

The red option is certainly worth considering, though I think it's a more aggro build than this is, which could be a good thing because it reduces the number of turns in which an opponent can do things, but it might also just gas out quicker.

Honestly, I'm not as high on Admiral Beckett Brass as some people seem to be, at least in this deck. She asks a lot out of your board state to get any sort of value. Seems like more of a commander card.

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