Hi. I've been playing since M11 where I started making casual decks with the rest of my friends who were also just beginning. I now play alot of EDH and have started my own chromatic project.

White: Mageta EDH
Blue: Linessa EDH
Black: ~~
Red: Kumano EDH
Green: Omnath, Primal EDH, Snake EDH

WU: Isperia Pillowfort EDH, Bird EDH
UB: Oona EDH
BR: ~~
RG: Omnath, RAGE EDH
GW: ~~
WB: Cleric EDH
UR: ~~
BG: ~~
RW: Aurelia's Samurai EDH
GU: Kaeseto Voltron EDH

Esper: ~~
Grixis: Thraximundar EDH
Jund: Shattergang Bros EDH
Naya: Gloryscale Pauper EDH
Bant: Angus, the Epic EDH
Abzan: ~~
Jeskai: Narset Voltron EDH
Sultai: Mimeoplasm EDH
Mardu: ~~
Temur: Riku EDH

4-Color: Tribal D+D themed decks:
Yore-Tiller: Wizard EDH
Glint-Eye: Rogues EDH
Dune-Brood: Warrior EDH
Ink-Treader: Monk EDH
Witch-Maw: Artificer EDH

WUBRG: Child of Lands EDH, Tango EDH
Colorless: ~~


Snake EDH

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